Groceries for Grownups :: Part...

Sep 13, 2010 by

In order to make a more enlightened choice about where I should be spending this large and vital percentage of each paycheck, I have been researching the practices of the major chain grocery stores that a Chicagoan is familiar with. Part the First outlines my inquiries into Jewel-Osco and Whole Foods.

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Completed #30 — Go one w...

Sep 2, 2010 by

On August 14-16, Miles (el boyfriendo) and I went to visit scenic Door County, Wisconsin. This is like the Martha’s Vineyard of Chicago. Ish. In keeping with the spirit of Door County, I thought it would be appropriate to ignore the siren distractions of email, gChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc, until returning to Chicago, so as soon as we left the city limits I mentally decreed that my iPhone was only to be used for the latter syllable of its name.

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Completed #75–Sleep unde...

Oct 22, 2009 by

It strikes me well after I have booked the plane ticket, that I have no idea what kind of person Wilderness Chelsea is, having never met her. She might be real cranky. And here I am about to subject some poor person I haven’t really spent time with since elementary school to a really unpredictable situation. These are things I had not considered when I foolhardily just added things to a list of 101 ideas, never giving a second thought to all the people I might leave dead and bloodied or just mightily discomforted in my pursuit of completion.

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