Recipe :: Pumpkin Hummus

Sep 29, 2013 by

So fall is in the air, and pumpkin-flavored everything abounds! By and large, the pumpkin-flavored dishes you’ll find around at this, best, time of year are dessert-ful in nature. But I started thinking last weekend that, since pumpkin is actually a squash, there must be recipes out there for savory pumpkin dishes. Pumpkin hummus seemed to me like a thing that had to exist, and that I could potentially improve upon.

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Recipe :: Cashew-Date-Coconut ...

Aug 28, 2013 by

I hesitate to really call it a recipe, since it involves like 3 steps and no real baking/cooking/frying/sautéing, just some food processor magic and a little kneading. But what results is so delicious, so sweet, and so healthful that I had to share. The possibilities of these things are endless, and the benefits are many: they contain raw, unprocessed food; all the sweetness comes from natural sugars; they’re about 100 calories each and contain lots of protein; and they’re both filling and sweet-tooth satisfying.

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Paint with All the Colors of t...

Feb 22, 2013 by

I am about as far down the DIY-able scale as you can go without completely falling off it. Whereas the author of one of those design books I so love might look at my furniture and say “these pieces have great bones; all they need is an update,” my response has always been “shame nobody can do anything about that ugly thing.”

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Cleanse it to Wins It — ...

Apr 28, 2012 by

I’m 2/3 of the way through The Clean Program, ladies and gents. As promised by the book, Week 2 was much easier than Week 1. It was also a little bit all over the map in terms of how well I stuck to the program. No one’s in danger of getting stabbed for a biscuit anymore, but I feel like the real battle is just beginning. I really like the way I’m feeling and my new food routine, and I may continue to adhere to this program for longer than three weeks.

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Style Files : Clean Classic

Oct 21, 2011 by

All this body cleansing and moving to Virginia has me in the mood to edit my closet. Luckily, I am armed with fashion knowledge and inspiration the likes of which I have never had before. So long, haphazard bargain hunter of yore! Hello, editor and curator of my own personal collection. Which lives in my closet.

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Bridesmaids Dresses — Fo...

Jul 25, 2011 by

When I got engaged, I drew from my own bridesmaidal experiences when determining what to order my minions to wear. And the best gift I could bestow upon them was to let them do whatever they wanted. I asked the six of them to pick whichever green JCrew dress they fancied, and let me tell you–they done good.

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Shoes! Part Twoes!

Jun 1, 2011 by

The fretting over this staggering truth was only momentary, because suggestions began to pour in from every corner of the internets, and now I have an embarrassment of riches that would make Solomon blush. In addition to shoes, I have been exploring fancy shoe clips in the hopes of dressing up/greening otherwise too casual/not green footwear. Let’s look at this parade of cobbled delight, shall we?

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Shoes! (OmiGod, Shoes)

May 26, 2011 by

SOME of us want to get married in pretty flats, and no one seems to care. I mean, designers, I SEE you HAVE the pretty–just put it on a shoe without a heel once in a damn while, is all I ask. All I see is pump after heel after platform after sandal, and I simply want dressy green flats. Some of us like dancing sans back pain, is all I’m saying.

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Oh, right. Flowers.

Apr 19, 2011 by

Let me begin by saying that I LOVE flowers. In the ground, on a windowsill, in a vase, and ESPECIALLY delivered to me on my birthday (hint!). But it seems like up to this point, I’ve been focusing on everything surrounding the flowers for my wedding, but not the actual blooms themselves. I mean, where do you even start? They’re all beautiful. They are flowers.

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Wednesday Round Up :: 6 April ...

Apr 6, 2011 by

I read a whole lot of amazing stuff in the course of a week. I’m going to start providing y’all with the highlights.
Every Wednesday, starting right now.

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Greener Cleaner :: Laundry Day...

Mar 28, 2011 by

I always had a vague suspicion that it can’t really be great for the earth to dump a bunch of chemicals down the drain and into the water table that are the EXACT same chemicals you keep locked way from your children for fear they’ll drink them and die. But I didn’t have much but gut instinct to back this up. Now, I have real info.

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In Progress #5 (Again) —...

Mar 14, 2011 by

So, I attempted this for the first time back in September, and I made it for two weeks. And then Miles got sick, and I went to his place to take care of him on short notice, and there was nothing there for me to eat, and I ordered noodles, and that was the end of that. But now! I have cleverly set up this challenge to coincide with Lent.

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Mood Board :: Wedding Party...

Feb 22, 2011 by

Thanks to my overwhelming urge to collect things and the expert eye of my BFF Claudia, I now have a membership with Pinterest. Which is going to revolutionize my life. Behold my first mood board. Wedding- and fashion-related, natch. Green and orange in scheme.

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Completed #41 — Go one m...

Jan 31, 2011 by

My friend Danielle is buying no new clothes for the entirety of her 28th year. I find this to be earth-shatteringly admirable, as I have something of a clothes-shopping habit. As in, I’m probably on some kind of ‘wait and see’ list that the producers of Hoarders keep updated. But I’ve got to learn to be more selective, and I’ve got to purge the dead weight.

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Recipe :: Cinnamon Curry Tuna ...

Jan 20, 2011 by

Okay, here’s a recipe that I came up with recently to try to imitate the sandwich at Metropolis Coffee Co on Granville, and though it isn’t quite as utterly amazing, it’s pretty close. No disrespect. I’ll probably eat 1232 more of those sandwiches before it’s over, Metropolis.

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