My Recipes

I am a pretty great cook.  This is 98% because of genetics; when you grow up Cajun, it’s just embedded in your DNA, male or female.  And the other 2% is because I’m really good at research and experimentation.  I am not the kind of person who makes up recipes on the fly, or dumps ingredients into a bowl without measuring them.  I am the kind of person who takes three similar recipes and experiments by Frankensteining them together until I forge one for myself that is the tastiest and most efficient.  I feel like this is a boon for you, Person Who Might Try One of These Recipes.  Because I don’t have a secret or a flair, I’m just thorough, curious, and good at following directions.  And you also get the benefit of Miles’s influence, most of the time.  And he IS one of those dump-it-in-the-saucepan-without-measuring kind of cooks.  So see?  Best of all possible culinary worlds.
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Tasty Recipes I Don’t Take Credit For

  • Bouchons au Thon by Orangette I had to try these little tuna, tomato, and cream puffy wonders after reading Molly Wizenberg’s book.  They are impressive-tasting, but very easy.  I always line the muffin tin with baking cups because I haven’t had great success getting these things out in one piece, but if you don’t, grease the muffin pan extremely well.  If they fall apart, that’s kinda the whole ball game blown.
  • Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting is my new go-to frosting.  It’s so quick and easy, and it is not as heavy as buttercream.  I just keep a jar of it in the fridge at all times now, in case anything needs a good frostin’.
  •  Sesame Tuna Stir-Fry by BBC Food Miles and I only used the tuna steak portion of this recipe (because Miles is the king of stir-fry), but that part alone was so good I thought I’d share.
  •  Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes by Sprinkle Bakes  I recommend buying caramel sauce to save time, and also because trying to make it can result in some serious burnage.  Caramel is like the napalm of the kitchen.  But these cupcakes are outrageous and totes worth a little scarring.
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