187-199/1000 Foods to Eat Befo...

Sep 4, 2017 by

The first 199 foods are behind us — thanks to a trip to Louisiana and some general gallivanting around NYC.

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174-186/1000 Foods to Eat Befo...

Aug 1, 2017 by

This summer 2017 edition of the blog includes foods eaten whilst making theatre in West Virginia/Maryland, California, and Massachusettes!

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138-150/1000 Foods to Eat Befo...

Apr 30, 2017 by

To begin, my book club and I went to a lovely Russian restaurant here in NYC last week, called Mari Vanna. I highly recommend it! The food was delicious, the ambiance is like being in someone’s grandmother’s parlor, and the house-infused vodkas and vodka cocktails are outstanding.

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82-86/1000 Foods to Eat Before...

Sep 8, 2016 by

Los Angeles Edition! I went to LA with Miles for a week in August for work and fun. We had many delicious meals, including one at The Bazaar by José Andrés.

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74-81/1000 Foods to Eat Before...

Aug 23, 2016 by

Only a little traveling this week, but you can eat the world in NYC, so it’s not like that slows a body down. I bounced all over the book, but made most of my progress in the Mexican chapter.

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58-68/1000 Foods to Eat Before...

Jul 28, 2016 by

I’ve found so many new (and familiar) and delicious foods to taste over the last couple of weeks, including a few I found on trips to Chautauqua, NY and Missoula, Montana! These are from a bunch of different sections of 1000 Foods.

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17-24/1000 Foods to Eat Before...

Apr 8, 2015 by

I went to Louisiana for a weekend to visit my family (and spend time with my awesome husband), and I ate ALL THE SOUTHERN FOODS! A lot of eating went on, and I have so much to show you!

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15-16/1000 Foods to Eat Before...

Apr 8, 2015 by

Boiled Crawfish: it’s worth a trip for Louisiana just for this ritual, in my humble opinion. And if 67 of your closest relations are also there, well then, that’s what we call lagniappe — extra goodness on top.

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1000 Foods to Eat Before You D...

Mar 22, 2015 by

People who know me even a little know how strongly I feel about food and lists. So it should surprise exactly none of you to find out I’ve been coveting Mimi Sheraton’s 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover’s Life List since it was published in 2014. I am going to make a bold claim: I think I can get this done in less than a lifetime.

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Juilliard. I got into Juilliar...

Jun 5, 2014 by

I am beyond proud to announce that I, Chelsea Marcantel, have just been granted a Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwright Fellowship at The Juilliard School, under the direction of Christopher Durang and Marsha Norman. I’m soon to be a fellow at my dream school. Studying with two of my heroes. Living in New York City. And that is enough to be in awe of for one day.

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Ep. 7 :: Trish Harnetiaux is M...

Apr 20, 2014 by

In this episode, I interview Brooklyn-based writer/producer Trish Harnetiaux. We talk about the early internet, self-producing work, her hilarious short comedy films, and leaving playwrighting to become firefighters, among other aspirations. Tune in!

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Have Dog, Will Travel

Aug 30, 2013 by

Looking at all of the dog’s earthly possessions (how did he get so much stuff??) shoved willy-nilly into the back of the car made me really dread the day we’ll be trying to take a baby somewhere. I was pretty disappointed in myself, considered how well I have human travel down to a science. I vowed to do better.

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Songs That Were My 20s: 18-27

Jul 2, 2013 by

Recap: I’ll be 30 years old in a mere 11 days, and to commemorate this milestone, I have compiled a list of 30 songs that were my 20s. Here, I give you songs 18-27.

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March Madness

Mar 31, 2013 by

Yes, I have spent 10 of the previous 30 days travelling out of state, which is both exciting and exhausting. For added kicks, Miles and I decided to start the process of purchasing our very first home this month as well. Yowza. It’s been real, March ’13.

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The Next Big Thing

Mar 3, 2013 by

I was recently tagged by the all-around amazing Megan Stielstra in the Next Big Thing blog chain, in which writers answer ten questions about a project-in-progress. This seemed like a pretty good idea with which to hop on board — process is fascinating. Also, as we know, Chelsea loves an interview.

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