DIY File Bench

Jul 2, 2015 by

After a couple many people asked how I accomplished the File Bench (and got rid of my filing cabinet after dragging it all over creation since college), I put together this little tutorial here. It’s seriously the easiest thing ever, guys, and there are two ways to do it.

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Ep.1 :: Danielle O’Farre...

Jan 18, 2014 by

In this first episode of “Making Conversation,” I speak with my good friend, actress Danielle O’Farrell. We discuss making storefront theatre in Chicago in our 20s, the pros and cons of joining a union, the importance of beauty and aesthetics in personal presentation, why she moved to New York from California, and much, much more.

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Recipe :: Pumpkin Hummus

Sep 29, 2013 by

So fall is in the air, and pumpkin-flavored everything abounds! By and large, the pumpkin-flavored dishes you’ll find around at this, best, time of year are dessert-ful in nature. But I started thinking last weekend that, since pumpkin is actually a squash, there must be recipes out there for savory pumpkin dishes. Pumpkin hummus seemed to me like a thing that had to exist, and that I could potentially improve upon.

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Have Dog, Will Travel

Aug 30, 2013 by

Looking at all of the dog’s earthly possessions (how did he get so much stuff??) shoved willy-nilly into the back of the car made me really dread the day we’ll be trying to take a baby somewhere. I was pretty disappointed in myself, considered how well I have human travel down to a science. I vowed to do better.

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Recipe :: Cashew-Date-Coconut ...

Aug 28, 2013 by

I hesitate to really call it a recipe, since it involves like 3 steps and no real baking/cooking/frying/sautéing, just some food processor magic and a little kneading. But what results is so delicious, so sweet, and so healthful that I had to share. The possibilities of these things are endless, and the benefits are many: they contain raw, unprocessed food; all the sweetness comes from natural sugars; they’re about 100 calories each and contain lots of protein; and they’re both filling and sweet-tooth satisfying.

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Our First Home : Bedroom Makeo...

Jul 23, 2013 by

re has been a subtle hue and a small cry for photos of the interior of our new home. But just as with the first pictures of North West and the announcement of the name of HRH Baby Cambridge, I wanted to wait for the exact right time to present them. Which basically means, I wanted to get a few rooms looking reasonably redecorated, and clean, before I photographed them and put them all over the internet. And here are the first! Allow me to introduce you to our master bedroom.

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A Low Stress Move: One Week at...

Apr 25, 2013 by

Summer is coming up, when the streets of major cities like Chicago will turn into Tetris grids and half the people I know will play Apartment Musical Chairs. I hope this list will ease your pain.

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The Dresser of Dreams

Mar 17, 2013 by

Here is the final result! The dresser of my dreams!Created for a little over $200 (including the sander I had to buy, and the not-so-cheap Anthro drawer pulls), which is infinitely cheaper than buying a new dresser, even if I could have found one exactly like this. And I don’t think there’s one exactly like this beauty anywhere out there.

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Bedroom Bookshelf Makeover

Mar 6, 2013 by

At the end of the day, if the space where I spend my time looks beautiful and meaningful to me, instead of cluttered and unspecial, I believe that kind of energy makeover is worth $15 for some baskets and a couple of hours of my time.

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Paint with All the Colors of t...

Feb 22, 2013 by

I am about as far down the DIY-able scale as you can go without completely falling off it. Whereas the author of one of those design books I so love might look at my furniture and say “these pieces have great bones; all they need is an update,” my response has always been “shame nobody can do anything about that ugly thing.”

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2012: A Recap

Jan 2, 2013 by

Well, here we are. The year that the Mayans thought would never happen. The year that’s essentially a bonus round for the human race. I love change, and 2012 was such a slam-bang year that I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. But first, before we wipe the dust of 2012 completely from our feet (and shoulders), let me reminisce for a moment about what the big 2-doz brought me and taught me.

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Why It’s Awesome :: Pump...

Sep 27, 2012 by

Do you need to know how to take that beautiful round gourd from the Farmer’s Market and turn it into delicious pumpkin purée that you can use in your favorite fall recipes? Maybe you do. I did, before I invited my friend Erin over to show me the way. Check out the video we made, and some awesome pumpkin recipes.

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Awkwardness-Free Rejection: A ...

Sep 25, 2012 by

In practice, no one has been educated in how to accomplish a delicate rejection. It’s just not something that comes up when you’re being trained to navigate society as a young tween. But fret no longer! Here I am, a real and true writer, who has ridden on both sides of the rejection wagon. I am here to help.

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Recipe: Waffles

Sep 9, 2012 by

Even though there is no way to improve upon the flavor of a Stonewall waffle, if I wanted to have a friend grid of amazingness for breakfast this morning, I was going to have to create one from scratch.

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Recipe :: Strawberry Rhubarb C...

Jun 8, 2012 by

I improvised, of course, and changed up the proportions of a few things, but the recipe remains a down-on-the-farm Virginia classic, even though I used local honey from my Maw-Maw’s farm in Louisiana. Plop that piping hot crumble into a bowl with some chilly ice cream, and have at it! Perfect dessert for any weather, really.

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