26/1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die

Apr 28, 2015 by

Another one-off in my gastronomic quest, back to the Irish side of 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die.

Please meet: Colcannon (26).

It is comfort food of the highest order: mashed potatoes with chopped cabbage and scallions and parsley folded in, as well as a very healthy helping of melted butter.  My roommate and I found it at a delightful pub in Sunnyside, Queens, called The Dog & Duck.


Enough for an army.

Unfortunately, according to Mimi, we did everything wrong.

Colcannon is supposed to be eaten on Halloween, and there should be coins and charms hidden in it (though the lack of prizes was, I feel, more the restaurant’s fault than ours).  Also, there should be a well of melted butter in the center of the bowl, as opposed to all mixed in (still tasted like butter, didn’t mind it all that much).  And, finally, “In Victorian times… unmarried girls would hang socks holding a lump of the stuff on their door handles; the first man to enter was said to be their future husband.”

So, we really didn’t get that part right.  But luckily, there is plenty of leftover colcannon in our fridge right now, and we have lots of socks around here.

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