25/1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die

Apr 23, 2015 by

bread pudding with bourbon sauce

bread pudding with bourbon sauce, cinnamon ice cream, and shortbread

Just a quick entry to say that I checked another box in my quest to consume all of Mimi Sheraton’s 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die.

This past weekend I was back in Abingdon, and after a fantastic dinner at one of our favorite places in town, Sisters Grill at The Martha Washington Inn, I was excited to see this on the dessert menu.

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce (25).

Well, technically bourbon sauce, since we’re in the South, not Ireland, but I’ll let Mimi slide on this  slight technicality.  Bread pudding is served warm, with the glaze-like sauce even warmer, and in this incarnation contrasted by a scoop of house-made cinnamon ice cream.  Also, it was accompanied by Scottish shortbread, which I’m never going to argue with (and which was #24 on my list).  Bread pudding is one of those ingeniously frugal dishes that is made to save something that’s past its prime: in this case, stale French bread.  I’ve had both savory and sweet bread puddings, and though some people are put off by the chewy (and in cases where it’s done wrong, soggy) texture of the dish, I am not going to let a little thing like that stand between me, sugar, bourbon, and eggs.

Another one down!

PS: If you’re curious about a savory bread pudding, try this recipe from my friend Marti’s blog.  I’ve been making it for years, and it’s stand-up-and-clap good.

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