COMPLETED #93–Watch LOST from start to finish (121/121 episodes)

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I know I’m late to this party. This is still culturally relevant, right?

The new (and final? is it final?) season of LOST just kicked off this week, and people lost their dang minds, and Andy predicts that if I don’t start watching the show soon, there won’t be a rock I can hide under to avoid all of the spoilers that will be floating around once this season ends.

I’ve always wanted to get into the show, but it’s hard to watch anything with any regularity when you’re a theatre-maker. Rehearsals, performances, etc. I have seen two episodes of LOST before, and I enjoyed both of them, but the groups of people I watched them with both insisted that I was only invited if I didn’t ask any questions. So it was apparent that I was going to have to start from the very genesis of the series if I were going to be able to keep up. Due to the magic of Netflix Watch Instantly, I recently discovered that I have easy access to the first five seasons of LOST, and they’re free. My list of reasons to continue ignoring the show has been dwindling.

So last night, Ashley and Kevin and I decided we’d watch the pilot to kick this thing off…
And then we had to watch five more episodes.
I can’t say that I’m rabid for the show the way quite a few of my friends are, but I most definitely see the appeal. Let’s order in thai food and stay out of the freezing weather, because I’ve cracked a bottle of champers on the side of the ship of LOST, and that puppy is launched.

Now, in order to make sure that I do my duty and watch EVERY SINGLE episode, I am going to hold myself accountable by keeping track of my short reactions to every episode, below. I gotta say, I’ve been pretty good so far at identifying character and plot reveals before they happen, but I’m hoping the show will up the ante and get further away from me as time goes on. I’m confident that it will.

106 episodes have aired so far since 2004.
By the end of this season (and the show, right?), the total count will be 121.

Now, without further ado…

Chelsea’s Lost Endeavor

Season 1 — Original Air Dates 2004 thru 2005

  • Pilot Part 1
    • Aaaahh Holy Crow these schmucks are in for it now.
  • Pilot Part 2
    • Okay, okay, I do enjoy the flashbacks. I hope that at some point we stop flashing back to the plane crash, though.
  • Tabula Rasa
    • I think I’d be pretty good in a desert island situation. Yeah. I’m feeling fairly confident that if I didn’t have to stitch anyone up, and provided I had enclosed shoes, I’d make it okay, like Kate here (who I keep wanting to call Meg).
  • Walkabout
    • Dammit. There will be crying. I have a feeling that anytime anything significant happens to Creed here, I’m going to dissolve into a puddle. Also, I’m predicting here and now that if there’s ever a chance to get off this island, homeboy here is going to stay. No way he’s going back to doing TPS reports in wheelchair.
  • White Rabbit
    • Aw, shit. The island can bring people back to life. That’s not gonna go well. Also, it’s getting very Lord of the Flies up in here right now with that one actor who’s from Louisiana and had the same agent as all my friends in college. How are his cheeks so rosy?
  • House of the Rising Sun
    • After spending a few minutes discussing with Ashley how refreshing it is that there are two characters on this show that don’t speak our language, and what interesting plot points are sure to develop therefrom, and how presumptuous of Americans it is to assume that everyone in Korea speaks English, it turns out everyone in Korea speaks English. Great.
  • The Moth
    • Thank goodness we brought a hobbit along.
  • Confidence Man
    • I have never trusted Han Solo-Sawyer’s hair. And, whoa, Sayid. Shit’s gettin’ pretty real for you, huh?
  • Solitary
    • Even when stranded on an island for over 16 years, the French retain their uncanny ability to be unpleasant and unhelpful.
  • Raised by Another
    • Oooh, it’s getting really The Seventh Sign up in here now with this pregnancy. I like where this is going.
  • All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
    • I had to hold Ashley down at the end of this episode because she was getting pretty shouty and I was afraid The Others would hear us.
  • Whatever the Case May Be
    • I would like to point out that I called “La Mer” WHILE princess was translating, and started humming it before the end credits. How that helps, I don’t know.
  • Hearts and Minds
    • The Cruel Intentions episode. I like it.
  • Special
    • I know more than I should about Walt at this point, because I’ll admit to having cheated and looked him up on Lostpedia. I was so worried for him, though! Every episode I was waiting for him to die! I can’t deal with a dead kid. I had to know for sure. That said, this episode still broke my heart a little.
  • Homecoming
    • Claire’s back! And she has no answers to anything! This is going to be typical, isn’t it?
  • Outlaws
    • Oh man. I hope that Sawyer holds the secret of Jack’s dad’s forgiveness over Jack’s head for like 3 seasons. Is that cruel?
  • … In Translation
    • Um, Princess? Sayid has some pictures of a dead woman you should probably see before this goes any further. Also, I’m feeling pretty attached to the gang now. That’s probably a signal that someone’s about to bite it.
  • Numbers
    • SO GOOD! SO GOOD! It’s all coming together! MATH is so EVIL! And finally, some backstory on Hurley. Goooood backstory.
  • Deus Ex Machina
    • Locke’s evil dad is the evil child-warden from Newsies! Aghhh! Also, I hope Charlie never runs across this treasure-trove of heroin deep in the jungle. That would be bad news bears.
  • Do No Harm
    • Oh crap. This one was really hard to watch. I can’t believe Jack can do a blood transfusion using a sea urchin. I mean… if Jack ever bites it, I give the rest of these people 3 days.
  • The Greater Good
    • Jack’s pissed, Princess is pissed, and Locke’s in trouble. I have to say, though, that seeing the romance fizzle between the most useless and one of the most useful people on the island doesn’t really bother me. Sayid, keep your head in the game.
  • Born to Run
    • Aw Kate. That boy was nice to you. Why’d you do that?
  • Exodus Part 1
    • Knowing that there are five more seasons of this show doesn’t fill me with a great deal of hope for the success of this raft mission.
  • Exodus Part 2
Season 2 — Original Air Dates 2005 thru 2006
  • Man of Science, Man of Faith
    • Oh my God yessssssss!
  • Adrift
    • Wait, did we just spend this entire episode getting back to the same point we left off at the end of of the last episode? Dislike!
  • Orientation
    • Oh good. They have a hobby now, in case just making through the night grows boring. Also, how many LOST dorks out there have those numbers tattooed on their bodies? I bet the number is in the hundreds.
  • Everybody Hates Hugo
    • Jin is SUPER HOT when he speaks English. Is that racist to say? Also, I don’t think Michelle Rodriquez is going to like it back at the other camp. They aren’t going to let her be in charge and also their booze is under lock and key.
  • … And Found
    • Man, I love the Jin and Sun backstory. Remember in Season 1 when we were all so sure she was better off without him? Also, I miss Desmond.
  • Abandoned
    • At the beginning of the episode, I said “she’s gonna die soon.” Five seconds before the shot was fired, I said “she’s gonna die right now.” Also, I herewith call it that Shannon’s dad was killed in that accident by Jack’s wife.
  • The Other 48 Days
    • Most frustrating! I want to see the Sun/Jin and Rose/Bernard beach reunions in slow-mo with weepy soundtrack! I hate when we spend an episode spinning our wheels and not moving forward in time.
  • Collision
    • Anna Lucia is a cold bitch. But I can understand why.
  • What Kate Did
    • Aw, man. Way to be crazy, Kate. Also, way to kiss Jack and then basically tell Sawyer you love him like 90 seconds later, and then nobody ever refer to either of those things ever again. As though this is “A Doll’s House” and not “Lord of the Flies.”
  • The 23rd Psalm
    • Anybody miss Shannon? Show of hands? No one? Yeah, me either.
About ten months passed here without me watching an episode.
Today I had some righteous (read: traumatizing) dental surgery, so I am taking my recovery time as an opportunity to get back into the swing of things.
Amazingly, these people are still on this island.
  • The Hunting Party
    • Jack backstory is kinda boring at this point. And it seems to me that the obvious response to “this is not your island” is “we KNOW! we don’t want to BE HERE.”
  • Fire + Water
    • With all the brother conflicts, baby-napping, and trust issues, it’s like they wrote this episode specially to air on Lifetime.
  • The Long Con
    • Nothing quite so alluring as the self-aware villain. Also, don’t cross a hobbit.
  • One of Them
    • I’m inclined to think the new guy IS one of them. But that’s mostly me hoping I don’t have to learn anyone new’s backstory. Especially since we haven’t gotten to Rose and Bernard’s yet, and I’m really interested in that one.
  • Maternity Leave
    • So there are clean Others and dirty Others?
  • The Whole Truth
    • Oh, Jin. You and I go back and forth. Sounds like your wife feels the same way. We should spend more time with the Hatch Hostage. Him I’m interested in all the time.
So another large chunk of time passed here, about 8 months, during which I tried to plan a wedding a not lose my damn mind. It’s kind of like being lost on an island of your own frustrating self-absorption. But Miles has been out of town for a week now, and it’ll be three more days till he gets back, and I have cooked everything I can think of, cleaned the entire apartment, and taught myself to can preserves. I need MORE TASKS. So I return here, to LOST. You guessed it–they are still on this island.
  • Lockdown
    • Has a safety deposit box ever EVER in the history of banks NOT been used for a nefarious purpose? Also, the executive producer’s name is Ra’uf. What, did they let the family dog name him? Bwahahahaha! (Miles needs to get home pronto.)
  • Dave
    • Hey, Dave. Get less creepy, take off the bathrobe, and go back to Charlotte in Manhattan. Also, Libby, way to not be normal and in fact, be also creepy. Buncha creepers.
  • S.O.S.
    • Okay, I knew that they would have to be older for this to be plausible, but I still had hope that Bernard and Rose had met as activists during the Civil Rights Movement. But late-in-life romance is nice, in its way. I had a moment during this episode when I could hear years back through time, hear all the LOST fans crying out, “WHY are Kate and Jack not making out in that NET?!”
  • Two for the Road
    • Man, if we held the funeral for Jack’s dad on this island, every-freakin-body could say a few words. Also, if you fall in love with someone on this island, and they offer to take you on a picnic, you don’t have much time left.
  • ?
    • Can no one in this place stay dead? Jeebus.
  • Three Minutes
    • There is nothing I love quite like Sayid stepping in to save the day. There hasn’t been nearly enough of this in Season 2. Also, I totes called Michael working for the others and laying a trap. Anytime anyone on this show is lying, they get all crazy around the eyes.
  • Live Together, Die Alone pt. 1
    • I’m glad Desmond is back. I have missed him. Also, if The Others don’t kill Michael, I predict that guy taking a long walk off a short pier in the near future. Homeslice is already cracking under his guilt.
  • Live Together, Die Alone pt. 2
    • DAMN! Well, I’m glad that Walt got his dad back, after all that. Though Michael is clearly shattered and will probably be a horrible father now. Also, Claire and Charlie kissed, so one of them will be dead soon. Let’s get more of Desmond and Penny in the mix, shall we? I have a feeling I will like where this is going.
Alright, I’m through Season 2 now, and LOTS of people have told me that Season 3 is the slowest and most frustrating. I’m mentally prepping for that. Also, my friends who were big LOST fans when it was happening are asking me what I think about this, that, and the other thing having seen what I’ve seen up to this point. Mostly they want to know what I think the island IS. And all I can really say at this point, is that I think it’s a place where people work out their baggage. It obviously draws people to itself and then gives them everything they need to bring up all their unresolved issues, and then get to work on them. And then sometimes they die. That’s about all I got.

When I asked Miles if he wanted to watch LOST with me, he said no. He’d seen a few episodes and it’s too melodramatic for his taste. I can understand that criticism, especially since I started noticing that everyone on this show says one line more than they need to say in dramatic moments. It always seems to go like this:

Character: “Dramatic revelation.”
Character: (more slowly) “Repeat dramatic revelation.”

As though the writers are sticking to a formula of:

“Drop a bomb.”
{let that sink in for a second}
“That’s right, we dropped that bomb.”

It’s not annoying yet, but it is noticeable.

Season 3 — Original Air Dates 2006 thru 2007

  • A Tale of Two Cities
    • Oooh! Welcome to the Aquarium of Unresolved Issues! With all the screaming “Jack” and flooding and grasping hands, it got real Titanic for a moment here.
  • The Glass Ballerina
    • So The Others obviously have Google. I’m already sick to death of Juliet’s sickly smirk, and I’ve only known her two episodes.

I herewith begin addressing wedding invitations.

  • Further Instructions
    • It’s like no one can die on this island. Except the people who die. Also, I get instantly bored when we flash back to Locke’s life. You know whose backstory I’m tired of at this point? John Locke’s backstory, is whose. How many does he get, anyway?
  • Every Man for Himself
    • This show really clips along when they let Jack doctor people.
  • The Cost of Living
    • Who are these European Sawyer and Smarter Princess all of a sudden? I demand to know more about Desmond before we get into new people. Also, I’m kind of glad to see Echo die, because his backstory was the only one that made me cry.
  • I Do
    • Kate used to be married to Captain Hammer!
  • Not in Portland
    • When the ladies on this show straighten their hair, they mean business. Also, MAC! Where are your glamour muscles now, eh? No better at defending that prison than you ever were at keeping riff-raff outta the bar.
  • Flashes Before Your Eyes
    • Didn’t get a whole lot of envelopes addressed during this episode. Damn Desmond’s engrossing backstory that is also somehow lateral.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
    • Oh, Jack. I could have told you that things only go from bad to CRAZYFACE when you get involved with Bai Ling in any capacity.
  • Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    • Sweet! We haven’t had a slow-mo reunion in a good while, and this episode we get two! Also, isn’t Sun pregnant? Why isn’t she gaining any weight, and why is Hurley still not losing any? For a place where everyone’s supposed to be working out their shit, this island doesn’t really allow for too much evolution.
  • Enter 77
    • The man with the eye patch is a menacing dairy farmer! And if Dharma Initiative are not the others, then WHO ARE THE OTHERS?! Oh, they’re “hostiles”? Tell me something I don’t know.
  • Par Avion
    • Claire + Jack = siblings! Hooray! I’m 100% on board with this completely implausible twist! Also, that last little bit of Jack playing football with the enemy? Second genius twist.
  • The Man from Tallahassee
    • Oh my G, Locke’s dad is THE WORST PERSON IN HISTORY. If he doesn’t end up killing that guy, I will.
  • Exposé
    • Nicely done, with the backstory of Nikki and Paolo weaving throughout the first three seasons. Well played. Also, burial alive is like, one of my top fears. So good luck sleeping tonight, me.
  • Left Behind
    • Excuse me if I am right, but isn’t this prime real estate once occupied by The Others, complete with running water and tea, now totally up for grabs? WHY are you going back to the beach, again? Move your people over to THIS side of the island. Also, did Kate used to cry this much?
  • One of Us
    • I really want to trust Juliet, but I can’t decide if she’s better as a double or triple agent. I mean, she seems all heartless about everything but her sick sister. Gasp! Does she kill Charlie? Because I remember he’s supposed to die, though it seems he forgot.
  • Catch-22
    • This whole Desmond-the-Monk backstory? Superfluous. Move it along. I also have an idea for next season–get off the island. My patience wears thin with the foliage. I know at some point there are flash-forwards, and I’m ready for that.
  • D.O.C.
    • Jin knows karate? Sexy. Mikhail knows medicine? …Creepy. Also… ARE they all dead? Is this, like, purgatory? Then… how did The Others get here? Also… is Kate knocked up, too? I saw a Lifetime movie like this once.
  • The Brig
    • I’m glad the characters are finally starting to realize how they’re connected. That’s a nice payoff for me. Also, I’ve been wanting Locke’s dad dead since he chased teenage Christian Bale all over Newsies. I hate this fighting. Live together, die alone, assholes. Remember?
  • The Man Behind the Curtain
    • Ben’s dad is Uncle Rico, so that’s gotta be tough. …God Richard is just preternaturally good-looking, isn’t he? Does he wear guyliner? Does he sleep in it? … Unrelated thought–John Locke as modern Oedipus? Killed his father and will probably die of insatiable curiosity. I mean, I know he appears to be dying right, Ben shot him, but I think we’re still in the feet-bound-left-on-a-mountaintop-to-die-but-save-by-shepherd phase of the story. …I should probably sleep.
  • Greatest Hits
    • I have a feeling Charlie’s gonna bite it this episode. If he dies without kissing Claire, I will have a shit fit. … HOORAY! Also, if anyone kills Jin they will have ME to answer to.
  • Through the Looking Glass (pt1 and pt2)
    • I knew from the looks of Jack’s psychotic depression beard at the top of this episode that things were not going to go well. And I’m really not okay with Jack and Juliet kissing. Not at all. I haven’t figured out if I like her yet. And was that a “friend” I love you or a “lover” I love you, to Kate? I am… as the title would indicate… lost.
    • Okay, weird. This is one of the few episodes I saw when it aired live. I’mma watch it again, though. …Ugh! Can we just SLAP Ben? Can we just? I’m over his simpering and I don’t care about him or have any sympathy that he was raised by Uncle Rico. … thanks, Jack. Also, Rousseau is my favorite.
Season 4 — Original Air Dates Jan-May 2008
A short season due to the Writer’s Strike, I hope it won’t take me so long to buzz through this one. Everyone said if I stuck with it through Season 3, I’d make it till the end. I would like to thank the Polaskcantel Wedding Bonanza and its 300+ wedding invitations for that, because Season 3 was really convoluted and I might not have survived it on my own. By the way, I’m still working on them.
  • The Beginning of the End
    • Oceanic six? SIX??!! Aaron better be included in that number.
  • Confirmed Dead
    • Ooooh there is a medium/ghostbuster named Miles! I live with a guy named Miles! And medium/ghostbuster seems to be the career path that Hurley is on as well. And is it just me, or is Dan the most awkward helicopter rescue person ever? I do love how new people show up on this island now all the time and nobody bats an eye.
  • The Economist
    • I’m sick of the barracks, I’m sick of the island, and I’m sick of Ben. I would like to move forward in time, please? In fact, I would like LOST to now transition into a series exclusively about Sayid loving and killing beautiful spies, except not working for Ben. Of whom I am sick.
So the invitations are FINALLY finished, and it’s time for me and LOST to take a little break from each other. I’ve watched 24 episodes in five days.
  • Eggtown
    • No one has ever looked as elegant going into federal custody as Kate does. Seriously, where can I get that blouse? And… wait… did she steal Claire’s baby? WHAT?!?! I would watch the next episode right away to find out, but I’m sure they won’t refer back to this plot point for at least three or four weeks.
  • The Constant
    • Military flashback? Snore. Wait… time-jumping… constant in both future and past… am I being Incepted? Also, you cannot cold-cock and headbutt people over and over again like this without some lasting repercussions. Some of these people will leave the island with brain damage for sure.
  • The Other Woman
    • If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “If you don’t stop them, everyone on this island is going to die,” I would quit my job again. Also, Penny’s dad? WHAT? Seriously more than surly. Twist!!

Back in action after a seven month break. I’m married now! And these people are still on this damn rock.

  • Ji Yeon
    • So Jin and Sun are two more of the Oceanic Six…but? Holy crap. That was a well-plotted episode. Juliet, you were WAY outta line there. Also, and most importantly, WTF MICHAEL OMG?!
  • Meet Kevin Johnson
    • Just as I thought, Michael has gone completely beserk with grief. WHY did he tell Walt, for the love? And he’s self-invinsible now? Well, that’s a twist. The length of the contracts for even the most minimal actors on this show must just read “Until. You’re never really out of the picture.” I hope that’s true of Rousseau, because I’m gonna miss that broad.
  • The Shape of Things to Come
    • Is this title a Neil LaBute reference? LOST, you’re better than that. Thank Allah for another flash-forward episode, though. I live for these now. Additionally, I’m glad The Nothing is back. “Once you let your grief become anger, it will never go away.” Good stuff. This is the tensest real estate war in history.
  • Something Nice Back Home
    • Oh, dude. there is not much I want to see less than an island appendectomy. But why did Jack get sick, when no one here gets sick? Jack-and-everyone-else’s Dad is one super nosy ghost. And ugh, this island is really no place for a baby.
  • Cabin Fever
    • I saw this episode when it aired as well. Good thing I didn’t retain anything about it, because it was a fantastically-scripted suspenseful humdinger. Scary mercenaries! Ghost cabins! John as special kid! Richard and his guyliner!
  • There’s No Place Like Home (Part 1)
    • The Oceanic Six revealed for the first time! Yes! And so, NO! Dammit, Rose and Bernard and Claire and Jin. I’m excited that Jack finally knows Claire is his sister and Aaron is his nephew, even though I feel like Claire’s mother’s revelation at the funeral was rather poorly timed. The head Marine guy, Martin Keamy, is the only true villain that’s ever been on this show, for whom we have never seen a sympathy-enducing flashback or mitigating circumstance. I will be so glad when he’s dead. Damn if the musical orchestrations on this show aren’t becoming even more sweeping and grandiose.
  • There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2)
    • Jack’s unkempt beard of pscychotic depression is back. I’m sure going to miss Sawyer’s flair with a nickname. One thing this show does really well is make me happy to see people I never thought I’d be happy to see — in this instance, some of the dirty others. I am also very happy to see BIG WALT! And, dude, Ben Linus may be one of the absolute best characters in TV history. Just when I want him dead, he proves so useful and sympathetic. And just when I start to root for him, I want him dead again. Also, not to brag, but I called Sawyer jumping off that copter. I called it, but I didn’t like it.
  • There’s No Place Like Home (Part 3)
    • Boat blows up, island goes AWOL — these people cannot catch a break today. I sure hope Sun kills Widmore. John Locke was clearly meant to be the leader of the others, so did Richard make a mistake by not taking him as a child? Aaron has more lives than a damn cat. I never thought I’d feel so conflicted about these people finally getting rescued. BUT I AM NOT AMBIVALENT ABOUT PENNY AND DESMOND FINDING EACH OTHER HOLY SHIT YESSSSSSSS! Also, I’m predicting right now that Widmore is from the island, because nobody could want the island that badly who hasn’t spent significant time there.

Season 5 — Original Air Dates Jan-May 2009

  • Because You Left
    • Jack has shaved the unkempt beard of psychotic depression, so we seem to be in better shape going into this season, though it’s still anybody guess whether or not we should listen to Ben Linus. Otherwise, kind of a slow opener.
  • The Lie
    • Band on the run! Band on the run! I’m slightly interested in this Juliet and Sawyer romance, but even more interested in nasty vengeful Sun. Hugo’s mom is cool.
  • Jughead
    • Daniel Faraday : man with a past or twelve. Baby Desmond is just about the cutest thing that ever wore a sweater. This flash system is possibly the most stressful way we could have learned about the history of the island, but intriguing nonetheless. Why is Richard not the leader of The Others? He’s apparently immortal and he’s so unbelievably good looking. Also, Charles Widmore: Surly Young Other — called it! But I can’t believe they named Baby Desmond Charlie (even considering Charlie, since her crazymean father is also named Charles… oh the layers… I should lie down).
  • The Little Prince
    • Clearly Aaron is special since The Others worked so hard to get pregnant Claire to the island, and Claire is at this moment sipping tea with her dead dad on that very island. Is it wrong that I don’t really care whether or not Kate gets to keep him? JIN! And pretty Young Rousseau! I’m glad she’s back.
  • This Place is Death
    • What. The crap. I whole-heartedly want them to BOTH go back to the island AND thank their lucky rabbits feet they got off and stay as far away as possible. I am also inclined to believe that Jack’s father is not dead-dead, just John Locke-dead, which seems to be some kind of Juliet-like semi-coma deactivated by the island.
  • 316
    • I know that they were supposed to try to recreate the original doomed flight as nearly as possible, but even so if I were Jack, I would have worn something more suited for island life. And stuffed my pockets with supplies. Also, are they not concerned about all of the people who will crash-land on the island on this new flight, and how those new factors will influence the balance of everything? Or are they the only ones expected to survive? … Ah, Hurley. Way to handle it with your riches. Kind of.
  • The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
    • Benjamin Linus, YOU ARE THE LIVING WORST!

Two things happened to me in the time between watching these two episodes. First, I rewatched Bride and Prejudice with my mom and got really distracted trying to figure out if Naveen Andrews was in the movie. He is. I didn’t recognize him because he was smiling too much. Then I needed to find out if the London accent he has in the movie is his real one, or the Middle Eastern accent he uses on LOST is his real one. It’s the London one. This discovery lead my down a wormhole of Naveen’s personal life that just kept getting more fascinating. When he was 16 he moved in with his high school teacher, who then had his baby (!!!!). Later, he lived with Barbara Hershey (21 years his senior) for years, breaking up with her just long enough to father a child by another woman. Cripes! Fascinating. I hope I can still respect Sayid knowing all the sordid details of his dating life.

Secondly, I worked on a movie with Harold Perrineau, who plays Michael on LOST, and Mercutio in Baz Luhrmann’s R+J. To say I was starstruck would be an understatement. I am doing social media for this upcoming indie Harold is in, John Sayles’s Go For Sisters, but I ended up in the background of a shot. Harold tossed me a line and I didn’t know if I was aloud to speak, so I just stared at him like a deer caught in headlights. Everyone laughed. More on that in this post.

Now I am stuck overnight in the Phoenix airport, thanks to United Air, so I’m going to watch a few more episodes on the free PHX wifi while I wait for daylight and my rescheduled flight.

  • LaFleur
    • Awesome opening! I hope we’re done flashing back to Locke’s broken leg now. I’m pretty excited that Sawyer commented on Richard’s guyliner (finally! someone!). And what does going back in time mean for Jin, as far as his daughter? Will he have to wait like 30 years for her to be born? I like Juliet and Sawyer better than Juliet and Jack, but she’s a damn fool for not getting on that sub when she had the chance. Not only would she have been off the island, but she could have invested in things like Apple and Starbucks on the ground floor and been an eventual bazillionaire.
  • Namaste
    • Aw, hell no. I did not fight my way back to this island through space and time to be a janitor for the Dharma Initiative.
  • He’s Our You
    • OH MY FREAKING GOD!! SAYID KILLED BABY BEN LINUS!!. Shouldn’t… there be… no series after this moment?
  • Whatever Happened, Happened
    • Okay, so Baby Ben Linus will live, which is really the only plausible outcome. Jack is almost as stone-cold as Sayid, but I can see his point. Also, I’ve been dying to know what Kate did with Aaron, and I’m glad to see it was something decent. Furthermore, Sawyer’s Baby Mama serves coffee in the same mugs I had in college.
  • Dead is Dead
    • So many questions getting answered here in a hurry, as the season wraps up. First of all, let me get this out of the way and say I don’t care a whit what happens to the other folks who were in the second plane crash and just arrived on the island for the first time. Let them get their own series. Secondly, I am so glad that Penny and Desmond are alive! I’ve been so worried! Thirdly, there were definitely hieroglyphs of the Egyptian god Anubis on the temple walls right before Ben saw the smoke monster, which reinforces my idea that this island is a purgatory/between-life space. But my question then is… how did the others and the Dharma Initiative come and go as they pleased on that sub? And why does the island want any of these people at all?
  • Some Like it Hoth
    • When Dr. Angry called out, “Miles, I need you,” my heart shattered into a million tiny pieces. And then Daniel was back. That guy just cannot stay put in time. I feel like his character is a walking, talking plothole.
  • The Variable
    • Daniel Farraday was turning in the breathiest performance since Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking, until he got shot by his mom. His mom knew for his entire life that she would one day shoot him! I don’t even… I can’t… Jesus. Also, I called Widmore being his father. Dude doesn’t just throw that kind of money at just anybody over and over again. And PENNY, you just got held up at gunpoint! Are you really going to trust “this nurse will watch your baby”? Not even a name on that nurse? I bet it was Richard in drag.
  • Follow the Leader
    • I am so mad that no one managed to kill Radzinski last episode. He is a royal pain. No one cares about your stupid model, dude! And John Locke is treating being the new leader of The Others like he’s been elected Student Body President. Also — TUNNELS? Just when you thought you’d seen all the bizarre, terrifying architecture this island had to offer. So it appears that one way or another, everyone’s going to get a fresh start of some kind in a few hours, even if it’s death.
  • The Incident — Part 1
    • At this point, I’m used to the fact that the opening few minutes of an episode of LOST can take place in virtually any point in the past or future, in any country on earth. But this opening sequence, ending with the full visual of the ancient and intact Anubis statue on the beach, immediately followed by a meeting of Jacob and baby Kate, set my expectation bar for the episode WAY high. And damn. Those expectations were MET. Sidebar: Yay Bernard and Rose! Living like the Swiss Family Robinson! Love those crazy kids.
  • The Incident — Part 2
    • Um… waiiiiit. So, I’m to believe that Jacob, who has been running around the island, seemingly coming and going as he pleases to and from the island, as a fully grown man, since Anubis was in short pants, healing people after they fall out of buildings and loaning them pens to write their revenge letters as kids… all it takes to kill this ancient, powerful being is a few stabs with a little knife and a roll in the fire? Is the deal that the other ancient guy, let’s call him “Fakob,” had to get someone else so mad they wanted Jacob dead? If so, it seems like it took Fakob a rather long time to achieve this. I’m perturbed. I hope Fakob didn’t really kill Jacob because… um… that would make Jacob the lamest ancient powerful being ever. But damn if that Sawyer/Juliet parting didn’t slay my heart.
    • I guess we’re going to LAX, guys. I’ve missed Claire, anyway.

Season 6 — Original Air Dates Feb-May 2010

  • LA X part 1
    • On the bad side of things, it appears that these are both the darkest timeline. On the good side, the gang’s back together! All the once-dead characters get cameos this season! Fakob, for whatever reason, proves quite impossible to kill, since he’s the smoke monster; I wonder once again why Jacob turned out to be such an easy mark. One request, writers: can we be done seeing Juliet and Sawyer say goodbye? I don’t know if I can go through that a third time.
  • LA X part 2
    • Sayid’s alive! Does that mean he’s going to be creepy and terrible for the rest of his life, like Ben was after the temple spring healed him? Also, it’s really so clear now how much being on the island turned all of these people into heroes. When their plane lands quietly in LA, you notice what huge jerks they all were.
  • What Kate Does
    • Okay, yes, so it does appear that Sayid is going to be evil and creepy now, in the same way Ben was. The temple spring is essentially pet cemetery for islanders. Gross. It’s nice to have Claire back again, and it’s very interesting that her destiny seems to be so bound up with Kate’s whether or not they crash on the island. I’m interested to see what will happen to Claire in LA, though, considering how hard The Others worked to get Aaron to the island when she was pregnant. The fact that Ethan is her doctor cannot be a good omen.
  • The Substitute
    • I’m a little bit confused about why Locke’s fiancé would suggest inviting his father to the wedding, since Locke is in a wheelchair and it’s his father who paralyzed him. Time-wise, I’m not sure how that works out. Meanwhile, Fakob-Locke is talking a good game to Sawyer about who Jacob was, but I’m suspicious of his version of events because why would Jacob search the world for people to replace him as protector of the island, when he ostensibly couldn’t ever die? Anyone else think that when Ilana dunks her bag of Jacob’s ashes into the temple spring, he’s going to spring back to life? I’ve seen it happen. And who is that kid? I assumed he was little/reborn Jacob, but he’s clearly some kind of moderator separate from them. It feels a little contrived to start introducing characters this late in the final act of the series (you could argue that we’ve known Fakob all along, as the smoke monster), but all this mythology is fascinating to me and I’m enjoying the intrigue more than I have since the first season.
  • Lighthouse
    • So, is all of this showing the connections between people on the island and people who landed safely in LA supposed to demonstrate that these characters are tied to the island whether or not the plane crashes? We’re just getting deeper and deeper into this alternate past/alternate present miasma, aren’t we? That lighthouse is some real Rear Window shit.
  • Sundown
    • Oh. My God. So, I thought when Sayid stabbed Fakob-Locke in the chest without hesitation, we were finally going to have a person act without hesitation and solve a problem with action instead of wallowing in introspection. No such luck. Shut my mouth wide open. We were, instead, treated to a smoke monster meltdown of epic temple proportions. Sayid is surrounded by death and violence everywhere he goes, in any timeline, but at least in the LA one, he feels badly about it. In the temple timeline, he even out-creeped Ben Linus, and that’s saying something.
  • Dr. Linus
    • At this point, LOST has evolved into some dramatic combination of “Survivor” and “The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll.” Someone has to replace Jacob, but no one’s being given any straight information on what that means or what it will entail. No wonder nobody’s jumping to the front to volunteer. This episode featured an alternative storyline for Ben, showing us what might have happened had he never been shot by Sayid and dipped into the Wellspring of Hate in the temple. He turns out spinless and impotent, instead of spineless and powerful. He doesn’t seem any happier either way. He might be one of the best-written characters in television history; I hate him so much, but the moment when Ilana said, “I’ll have you” and welcomed him back to the group was one of the tenderest of the series, and it made my heart swell. AND in a very welcome return to one of the best hallmarks of Season 1, we were treated to a silent slo-mo reunion on the beach, underscored by melodramatic string music. I have missed that so much.
  • Recon
    • Seems like LAX Miles is having a pretty great life. He’s a detective, he’s pals with his dad. I wonder how the timeline played out after the bomb went off in the 70s. Clearly it wasn’t just the women and children who got off the island. And one of those children was Charlotte, who now gets to have a hot fling with Sawyer, before he catches Kate in flight from… I guess the same police that were after her in Claire’s hospital room? Look, there’s a lot going on. I just wish I had more answers, and with only 10 episodes left and the grumbles I’ve been hearing about the ending for the last two years, I don’t really foresee myself getting any. I now wonder if Fakob-Locke was some ancient super-evil banished to the island with Jacob in order that he might be contained, and if he finds a way off, his evil will be unleashed on the rest of the world. But we already know that Widmore is evil, if not as ancient, so I’m torn as to who I need to root for. Um… this might be indelicate… but where is Ferriday? His mother was pregnant with him when the bomb went off, and I haven’t seen him this season… so… was he never born?
  • Ab Aeteno
    • Watching Richard’s carefully constructed persona and guyliner unravel on the island is utterly riveting. AND we get ancient Ricardo backstory? Be still my heart! I had been wondering how he ended up on the slave ship, and how that ship ended up on the island (Anubis’s nose). So many Season One loose ends being tied up. Richard was a proto-failed Ben Linus, and Fakob is very very clever. Just as I thought, he wants to get out to corrupt the world. But Jacob is not the cork, the island is. THE ISLAND IS THE CORK, YA’LL!
  • The Package
    • Every time I see Keamy my heart jumps into my throat.  Couple him with Mikhail and we have the worst kind of past-seasons flashback possible.  In the alternate timeline, Jin and Sun still love each other, but they are not married and are having an illicit affair.  Keamy is still evil.  Widmore and Fakob are at odds.  Fakob has trouble making friends.  He is clearly rounding up all the candidates so he can slaughter them and nothing will stop him from leaving the island.  He has turned Claire and Sayid into his deranged handmaidens and Kate into bait.  They are all behaving like sheeple.  And Desmond is here now, but WHICH Desmond?  From the non-bomb-explosion timeline, or brought in from the alternate plane-landed-safely timeline?
  • Happily Ever After
    • More than Jack having a son, or Miles being a cop, or any of the other plane-lands-safely timeline twists and turns, Charles and Desmond being bosom buddies and Desmond FINALLY GETTING THAT DRINK OF SCOTCH is possibly the most intriguing and delicious I’ve seen.  And then he gets to hang out with (junkie) Charlie?  Amazing.  It was fun to hear him say “My band, Driveshaft” again and hear the dulcet strains of “You All, Everybody” right before Charlie, determined to drown in this and every timeline, drove them into the harbor.  The same harbor where Ben shot Desmond?  The mind reels.  Why does Daniel want to find out more about his alternate life?  In that life, he has to give up music, his true love dies, and then his mother kills him (while she’s pregnant with him…).  Let sleeping dogs lie, Daniel WIDMORE.  In this life, you can be a classical pianist and ask Charlotte out when she’s not bleeding through the nose.  Also, I’ve never really cared about this before, but who is Penny’s mother?  Dollars to donuts, she’s related by blood to someone else on the plane.
  • Everybody Loves Hugo
    • Hugo’s mom is amazing.  Everybody loves Hugo’s MOM.  Also, it’s becoming clear that the two timelines aren’t alternate and simultaneous, but that plane-lands-safely timeline must have happened AFTER the non-bomb-explosion timeline, but everyone’s memory was wiped.  EXCEPT that plane-lands-safely Locke is clearly really escaped Fakob, and he must be returned to the island.  Interesting.  I was just thinking “Ilana is being very cavalier with that bag of unstable dynamite” right before she exploded.  And Des, not to insult your intelligence, but we all saw that well-shove coming.  However, people on this island tend to survive well-falls more or less intact, so you’re probably fine down there.  Sucks to be Widmore, though.  Des is truly well-hidden now.
  • The Last Recruit
    • Oh, Sawyer.  Saying Lapedus looks “like he walked off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie” reminds me of the you of the first few seasons.  Delightful.  And Fakob’s plan seems to be falling apart around his evil ears, due to the fact that Sayid could potentially be redeemable… which means… maybe Claire is, too?  And finally, SUN AND JIN, SUN AND JIN!!!  That is all.  I’m glad no one died; for a moment I thought they hadn’t had time to turn off the pylons.
  • The Candidate
    • Aw, Sun and Jin.  Boo.  But it wasn’t really a shock that they both drowned, and very much in keeping with the history of their relationship.  When they lived in Korea, they were in love by separated by her father.  When they finally got married, they were happy for a short while, but then emotionally separated within their marriage for years.  They spent a good chunk of time on the island being unhappy with each other in season one, and as soon as they made up (and got knocked up), they were separated by the explosion.  Three years later they were reunited and had a few blissful hours together, before being separated for the final time by death.  As much as we all rooted for them, they were never going to live happily ever after because they never had.  That said, I did hope that Jin was going to come walking out of the water, having stayed with Sun so she wouldn’t be afraid, but then saving himself after her death so their daughter would have one parent.  It is interesting to think about the way their deaths were treated at the end of this episode, in the context of the way previous deaths in this series have been.  It used to be that every death was a call to arms — someone was directly responsible and needed to be death with immediately.  But by this point, there are so few survivors left and they are so confused, that all they can do is sit on the beach and cry.  Which is totally what I would do in their sandy shoes.
    • New bullet point!  So, I have to say this episode concerned me.  I have assumed from the beginning of this show, and especially this season, that the writers have a good reason for doing everything they’ve done, and telling the story in the manner that they did.  But now I’m skeptical, because there doesn’t seem to be time left in the remaining four episodes to resolve some gaping plot holes.  And yes, I knew to expect this, since it’s been over 2 years since the finale aired and I’ve heard so much from so many people about their dissatisfaction.  But it doesn’t diminish my potential dissatisfaction, and this is my forum to express it.  Ultimately, I would like to buy into the mythology that we’ve been given about Jacob and Fakob, two god-like beings sitting on a cork in the middle of the ocean.  But it seems to be a strong narrative departure from the first five seasons of the show, and I now worry that we’re not going to circle back around to the series’s original internal logic.  If Jacob has been luring people to the island for years, okay, fine.  That explains the Oceanic 815 plane crash (kind of, since it was previously explained by Desmond not pushing the button) and the Black Rock, and maybe even the original Others (with old-fashioned young Widmore and Eloise).  Maybe all those vessels had candidates on them.  But it doesn’t explain the plane crash that killed Yemi and brought all the heroin to the island, and it REALLY doesn’t explain why the Dharma Initiative were able to come and go as they pleased for so long, and seemed to have come to the island of their own volition in the first place to study it for scientific reasons.  Where do Jacob and Fakob fit in with them?  Did the god-like adversaries just not care, because they were dealing with The Others?  And how did those original Others get to the island?  They always seemed to be working on something, but what was it?  I expected that these threads would pull neatly together, and maybe they still will, but it kind of feels like the writers stumbled upon a fun convention curveball for the final season of the show, and they’re just hoping we’ll forget about everything that happened before that no longer fits with this new direction.
    • Also, Sayid redeemed himself, and Claire seems less like a raving lunatic.  Is Fakob’s power over them fading, or were they always able to break out of his grasp with the right motivation?  Either way, welcome back, Hero Sayid.  I never liked Dead-Eyed Sayid at all.
  • Across the Sea
    • Have you ever heard an American speak another language in that completely flat way that seems to indicate learning the words phonetically, without giving any attention to tonal inflection or accent?  Alison Janney is serving us up a fantastic example of that robo-American-speak in the opening of this episode, and the only reason I can imagine that both characters immediately started speaking English on this subtitle-loving series is that no one on set could take that anymore.  She’s a superb actress, but LAWDY.  That was painful.  On a hopeful note, does her appearance here begin a cavalcade of stars making cameos in the last four episodes?  Fingers crossed!
    • What an interesting episode this turned out to be.  No flashbacks or flash-sidewayses, or check-ins with any of the original characters.  Just island mythology and backstory on Jacob and Fakob WHOSE REAL NAME WE STILL DON’T KNOW.  Very intriguing, and fantastic acting, but it doesn’t do anything to resolve the narrative issues I’ve been worried about.  Also, it has made me feel like Jacob was less intrinsically good and more just… sort of dumb and scared of his mother.  And how come he could come and go at will, like, to buy Baby Kate a lunchbox, but Fakob never got to travel?  Just let that dude get a vacation once in a while and all your issues will be resolved.
    • However, we do seem to have solved the riddle of how it is that Jacob was so easily killed by Ben Linus.  The dagger Fakob killed his mother with must be the only weapon on earth that can destroy the Light Keepers, and that’s the same dagger Fakob-Locke gave Ben.  So that’s one question answered (sort of, don’t know where that dagger came from) of many.  Also, good luck getting your hands on that thing, Oceanic Four.  If I were Fakob, I’d have thrown it into a well or buried it right after Jacob died.
  • What They Died For
    • I don’t like Desmond’s haircut when he isn’t married to Penny.
    • Richard’s death was one of the most shocking this season.  He always seemed like such a part of the island, to see him whipped off his feet and smoke-snapped like that was just startling.  So… Fakob can kill anyone who isn’t a candidate without so much as a one-word explanation?  He’s been doing it for six seasons.  What aura of protection do they have, and why does he have to respect it?  Good thing Fakob saw the names on the cave wall, or everyone would have been fair game from day one.
    • Don’t let the man-purse fool you.  Ben Linus is still one murderous, ice-cold sun of a gun.  “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.”  Wow.  Chilling.  If Ben ever cared about anything, was ever even slightly human or empathetic, that’s all gone up in… ahem… smoke.  Heh.
    • Well, after last episode’s detour into mythos, this was a question-answering parade.  And it was genius placement of the episode lineup; they could have showed us that Jacob/Fakob backstory at any point during the season, but placing it in this spot, right after the death of four major characters and right before Jack made the choice to be the next Light Keeper, made the lines and decisions of this episode really resonate.  Well done.
    • I still have lots of questions about internal logic, such as why certain people were allowed to come and go from the island and others weren’t.  Especially Jacob.  If Fakob can’t leave, then Jacob shouldn’t be able to either.  I have a feeling Mommy Dearest wouldn’t approve.  But my underlying question is this… did Jacob set the candidates down their paths to unhappinessHe met up with each of them and in two cases (Sawyer and Kate), encouraged their worst personality traits as children.  So when he says he plucked them out of unhappy, lonely lives, I just wonder what those lives might have been like had he never gotten involved.  Are we getting a glimpse of that in the plane-landed-safely timeline?  Because, in spite of the flashblacks and re-awakenings that indicate it can’t last much longer, nearly everyone has an arguably better life on that go-round.  I even believe Kate when she says she’s not a murderess.
    • I also take back what I said about Locke in the plane-landed-safely timeline really being Fakob.  He was just too happy to believe, but I was wrong.  That’s just what Locke looks like in a wheelchair AND happy.  It’s nice to see.
  • The End part 1
    • Hooray!  Richard is alive!  Also, I knew that Ben gave Miles that walkie-talkie for a reason.  Ben may seem to be aligned with anyone at any time, but he’s always working for himself.  That guy has been screwed over so many times since he was a kid, can you blame him?  Ben is in it to win it — for Ben.
    • Wait… Sun remembers drowning?  And she and Jin are just like, having a laugh about it in LA?  I am confused.  Even if the events of the plane-landed-safely timeline are set post-non-bomb-explosion timeline, it still wouldn’t make any sense that dead people get to live again, and remember dying.  Of course, plenty of dead people are running around LA dressed up for a fancy concert, so what the hell am I talking about?
    • Lapidus is alive!  Still wearing his pilot’s uniform, still looking like a poster boy for some brand of liquor in 1979.
    • If Jack and Kate don’t make out one last time, I swear to Gawd… Oh.  Good.
    • Desmond got very Zen-master there right before his light bath, didn’t he?
    • Yay (not).  Shannon’s back.
    • Now, this is interesting, isn’t it?  Two men, opposing forces, working together because they are both certain that the common goal they are working on will result in the demise and defeat of the other.  You don’t see that much.  But it’s kind of an amazing convention.
    • Watching Charlie see Claire (right before she went into labor) was just… my heart.  Oh, my poor heart.  And then the montage of season one where they remember each other… I may have shed a tear.  My only tear this season.  I tell a lie.  I shed a tear for Sawyer and Juliet remembering each other, too.
    • Desmond pulls the light bath plug and all bets are OFF on island rules, huh?  Seems like we won’t need the Fancy Dagger of Mother/Brother Slaying after all.
    • So, LA Desmond is running around reminding everyone about the island so they can all go somewhere?  No.  Just remind them so they appreciate what they have and love each other.  And then stop.  These people have done enough traveling, of every kind.  Just let them be (for the most part) impossibly happy in LA, Desmond.  Penny is there.  What is wrong with you?
    • KATE!  I take back everything I said.  You’re cool.
    • Annnnnnnd they really never told us Fakob’s real name.
    • But, okay… what Jack did, with the water… how can a simple mechanical act like plugging and unplugging an electromagnetic light drain be the real key to all the good and evil on the island and beyond.  It makes very little sense, given the moral and mechanical complexities of the show’s six seasons.  But maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be like.  All the ambiguities in the world come down to a simple human on/off switch.  Go figure.

So… the island is purgatory?  And plane-landed-safely LA timeline is like, the upper ring of purgatory?  I’m sorry, but that doesn’t really fit.  Purgatory doesn’t have its own moral code, and you don’t get choices.  And if the point was for them all to work out their issues, then what were Jacob and Fakob doing?  The way I see it, it would make sense as either a struggle between two god-like beings that these human people got caught up in, or a story about these people on their own journey to the after-life, in which case why was there so much back-and-forth this season with the brothers?  And in either case, why would it matter if anyone got off the island, ever, at any point?  I can’t reconcile the two narrative paths in my mind, but I’m very interested to hear theories.  And I’m feeling much better after reading TLo’s recap/reaction, naturally, because they are oh so wise.

Okay, guys.  Feel free to talk to me about LOST.  I have seen it all, and I have feelings and theories.

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  1. Christina

    I think this task complements a Chicago February perfectly. I'm always thrilled with the stunning scenery in the show – all those beautiful greens!
    I really wish I could be with you – I'd love to curl up and listen to your theories unfold as the show progresses. It will soon become unpredictable. Matthew and I have long been fans and we recently decided to go back and rewatch the series… still intriguing the second time around. Enjoy it!

  2. SLY

    Lol at this Chelsea! I'm an avid Lost fan so this is great!

  3. Anonymous

    I was searching the internetz for the total amount of time it'd take me to watch the whole thing from start to finish — I see you've tailed off halfway through season 2 (don't blame you) — but it gets better. And I enjoyed reading your one-liners of the episodes as a means of refresher going into the series finale. Count this as one vote here for you getting back to watching the rest of the show!

  4. Things to Do

    These recaps are awesome! My favorite comment "Why are his cheeks so rosy". I can't wait to see what you think as some of the other developments happen!

  5. Leslie

    My husband and I were loyal Lost fans, from the beginning to the end! I got to a point where I stopped trying to figure any of it out and just went along for the ride. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Who did you pay to do your blog? Its really nicely designed I bet that is why you get so much traffic!

  7. Steve

    I never saw the show when it was orginally aired. It was just this year that watched it all. Actually i loved it so much ive now watched it 3 times in full since Jan 2012 till well finishing season 4 atm-4th time-i know sad huh lol. I feel so left out for not watching this show from the start. Im guessing the show now has been out of site out of mind now for some time, that their arent to many people still blogging or getting together for rewatchings are there? Either way I really enjoyed your comments on each episode, was great.

  8. Most of the substance of what I’ve written about Lost during & after its run is at the Web page I linked (and the entries linked from it). The story is not what most viewers think. There was no time travel, just brain damage & brainwashing. The real Oceanic 815 was deliberately destroyed, killing all on board, including Alvar Hanso. The “survivors” were doubles, produced by face database searching & plastic surgery. Aaron really was “Kate”‘s baby, but she wasn’t the real Kate, which is why she didn’t want her DNA tested. The Monster was technologic. The Island didn’t actually move, just their base of operations did, and none of the locations were near where flight 815 flew. There was no H-bomb. There was no natural magnetism. There was no healing, just replacement of the sick or hurt by healthy doubles. And there were tons of clues.

    The plot was based mostly on “The Lost Special” & other stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, and several episodes of TV series Department S. And there were tons of clues to that too.

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