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May 30, 2012 by

I don’t have much to say today.

A bunch of new media client deadlines and playwrighting deadlines have converged on this week to make it fairly frantic.  All good problems to have, of course.

My clients are awesome and I love promoting their projects and building their websites.  (By the way, I sort of set up a professional FaceBook page for my CMP New Media works, since FB turns your “workplace” into a link anyway and I kind of can’t stand a link to nowhere.  Feel free to “like” it if you so desire.)  My newest client is an indie film called Union Square; it premieres in July starring Mira Sorvino and Tammy Blanchard, from Director/Writer Nancy Savoca.  I’m doing their social media.  The trailer looks pretty great.  There is a FB page for Nancy and one for Union Square, as well as a Twitter if you’re into keeping up with all that.  I’d appreciate all the “likes” you have to spare, of course.

I’m incredibly lucky to have three plays in three festivals in three states this summer, and I love writing and should be doing more of it on a weekly basis.   In case you are interested in those plays:

A Place to Land (reading) will be part of the New Works Festival at Acadiana Repertory Theatre

in Lafayette, LA — June 30th, 2012

Even Longer and Farther Away (reading) will be part of the Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights at the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. –July 2012

The Limiting Factor will be part of Jackalope Theatre‘s Living Newspapers Festival

in Chicago — July 2012

I’m still doing the 100 Pushups/Thank You Notes Challenge.  I’m rocking out the pushups, but a wee bit behind on the notes.  Typical.

So that’s what’s going on with me.  I’m learning about what goes on in the marketing department of a production company in the weeks before a premiere, and editing plays about divorcées, immortals, and lobbyists.

Just another day in the life.

Oh, and BLOGATHON ends on Friday.

Hey, you!


Remember, friends, I’m blogging every day for the month of May, and setting the goal of generating three comments per entry. If you leave your two cents in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win a fantabulous prize collection on June 1st. Click here for all the details, and again, thanks so much.

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  1. Jean

    You are SO busy! Congrats on all the projects!

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