In the Interest of Fairness

May 26, 2012 by

I realize it may have been slightly unfair of me to pick out all the photobombs and mishaps from my wedding yesterday, without including any of myself.  Of course, on my wedding day I was an absolutely model bride, but I am willing to admit that in the past, I have wreaked some havoc at the bouquet toss portion of several weddings.

I officially retired myself from eligibility after catching my fourth tossed bridal bouquet.  I get really competitive, especially when I’m dressed up and have had a little to drink, and it had gotten to the “not cute” stage.

So, to prove that I am just as vulnerable to a good old-fashioned photo-barrassment as the next bridesmaid, I submit to you this gem of a picture, from the wedding of Leslie and Bryan Beyer, circa 2006.

Nobody stands a chance.

Yes, I got my hands on those flowers.  But I wasn’t proud of myself (much).

Hey, you!


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  1. Jean

    You have always been noted for your focus and determination!

  2. Marci


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