Unintentional Wedding Photo Bombs and Mishaps

May 24, 2012 by

I have recently finished making our wedding album (finally!), and in so doing, I have taken a good, hard look at our aMaZiNg wedding photographs, all by Julie Sadowski at Grayscale Photography in Chicago.

Do you know what I found?  I found a lot of “moments” that probably weren’t ever meant to be captured for posterity.

And now, luckily for you (and my wedding party/guests), I have decided to make sure they don’t go unremarked upon.

Seriously, it was a long day.

This is one of my favorite photos from the entire day.  I like it because the natural light is awesome, AND everyone looks like a model convention.  It seriously looks like we’re in the opening titles of a CW show.  Except Kate, who fell asleep.

Work those lungs, Ash.

This was during the impromptu conga line that started up during the bridal party dance.  I know that George Harrison’s cover of “I Got My Mind Set on You” is potentially the most singable song in the English language, but no one is seeing fit to belt it quite like Ashley.  Do work, Miss Wint.

Tell us how you really feel.

Everyone in both of our families looks really happy for us.  Except for Miles’s brother Brian, who is terrified.

Uncalled for?

Later, Brian demonstrated his true feelings again, as we were leaving our reception.  Miles actually caught this one — he swears Best Man Brian is simultaneously falling asleep and trying to kick him in the butt.  I don’t know if this is true, but it sure does look like Justin and Alex across the way are in on something, doesn’t it?

No points, just sayin'.

This is another from our departure.  Nothing wrong with it, I just want to point out Jon Butts’s outfit in comparison to those of everyone else.  Well played, Mr. Butts.

Ya suspect.

You might be tempted to believe that everything at our reception went perfectly, encouraged in that thought by Zach Harvey’s exuberance in doing “The Freeze.”  But clearly something is amiss, because Lauren is really giving somebody the side-eye back there like she means it.


Speaking of Lauren, cut to her losing her mind watching Jonathan and Miles dance together.  My dad and sister are content to merely look on, bemused, but Lauren has the guts to really let it all out.

Again, I know it was a long day. I am aware.

John Ross Wilson, are you drinking Red Bull in my wedding portraits?!

I have questions, too.

My mother-in-law gave us these great vintage-inspired flashcards that were all wedding-themed.  I had different members of the bridal party hold them while Julie shot photos, so I could use those photos to delineate different parts of the wedding album.  Clearly, this groomsman is confused about what a bouquet is.

Myriad responses.

And speaking of bouquets, let’s cut to the aftermath of the bouquet toss.  I threw a bridesmaid’s bouquet, since my bridal bouquet weighed about 50lbs and would probably have knocked someone out if it became airborne.  Ashley here was the victor, and as she saunters over to where her boyfriend Mark is sitting to gloat (and Kate saunters with her to advocate the gloating), there are some other dudes in the background weighing in with their own responses.  Madison looks pretty smug for a dude who’s going to get engaged himself in about six months.  Josh looks confused.  And Zach clearly has a point to make to someone we can’t see.  Ashley is obliviously cloaked in her triumph.

Look at this mess.

And finally, this mêlée — the bouquet toss proper.  Ashley is clearly in position for victory, and has even removed her shoes to her advantage.  My sister looks like she’s trying to dodge a bomb.  Rikki is completely nonplussed, and standing well away from the bouquet trajectory.  Ditto my cousin Liz, who also stands at a safe distance, arms at her side.  At least my cousin Natalie is displaying correct bouquet-catching form.  Rebecca looks really excited, but leans away from the flowers.  Kate is having a ball.  And again, we have Lauren, standing in the right general area, but seemingly checked out of the proceedings.

Now you have seen this wedding as it truly happened.

I wish someone would make a Tumblr of these from other people’s weddings.  I’d get real into that.  Anyone got any links to share of similar goings-on?

Hey, you!


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  1. Ashley

    I LOVE THIS! BWAHAHAHA. Michaud was really doing good work.
    Aslo, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Mark’s look after I caught the bouquet and was gloating.
    Actually, all of those gents. They’re great.

    • Normally I would say this is abnormal…. but then I looked at ours, and Ashley is doing many of the same things! Even worse in most! lol I have proof if needed!

      And it looks like Marc is “In it to win it” because Ashley is going hard for those flowers!

  2. Jean

    And a GREAT time was had by all!

  3. Lauren

    As I’ve said many times re: bouquets: There’s always someone who wants it more. In light of recent postings of me that have surfaced to my facebook wall (do they still call them walls?), someone really should start a bouquet toss picture tumblr.

    Great post, as per usje, Chels.

  4. Becca

    These are fantastic! Also, Chelsea, I bought a bridal magazine today. It just made me feel too chubby and poor to be a bride. I am formally requesting a new blog post about things you learned while planning your wedding. If you feel so inclined. Or I suppose I could refer back to the old ones. I remember you had a great timeline!

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