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May 7, 2012 by

Today’s been a lot of nutso running around, so I’m posting a quick blog of theatre recommendations from my phone and thereby not falling behind on BLOGATHON.

If you’re in Chicago, of course you should see my new play Devour in its FABULOUS premiere production with 20% Theatre. It runs through May 20th, five times a week, and it’s truly fascinating in every way. Funny, uncomfortable, conversation-starting, and sincere, this production is everything I could have dreamed of. Devour waits for you at the Charnel House on Fullerton.
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Also, I highly recommend Pavement Group’s hilarious examination of art, fame, and fakery Girl You Know It’s True. This show is a riot to watch, the acting and design are spot-on, and it engaged me in a way few shows have recently. It’s only playing at the Chopin for one more week, so go.
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And, in news about shows that need no help from me to create buzz, American Theatre Company’s production of RENT, directed by David Cromer, is so deserving of its hype. It’s the hottest ticket in Chicago with good reason. I’m not actually crazy about this play as a text, and I’m not of the theatrical generation it defined. It did make me tell my college boyfriend that I had to move out of Baton Rouge to live with my friends in a big city and “be poor for a few years,” though, but a lot of plays did that. In any case, I, hom-hummer of this rock opera for years, was excited and moved by this production. Acting, design, audience engagement, all the pieces are in place for excellence. In addition, seeing this very human show on such intimate terms is fantastic and unique. I coined a term for it: “RENTimate.”
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Remember, friends, I’m blogging every day for the month of May, and setting the goal of generating three comments per entry.  If you leave your two cents in the comments below, you’ll be entered to win a fantabulous prize collection on June 1st.  Click here for all the details, and again, thanks so much.


  1. Natalie Novacek

    I don’t live in Chicago, but I sometimes have the great pleasure of getting Chelsea’s plays emailed to me. I’ve read a lot of her work and Devour is hands down the best thing I’ve read from her. It’s so quick and specific and strangely minimalist and lovely and sensational. I wish I could see it live, so if you *do* live in Chi-town, do me a favor and see it.

  2. Jean

    You’d make a good theatre critic!

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