Here We Are. 2012, with a Bullet.

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Welcome back to my life, loyal readers!

And thank you for bearing with me during this period of transition and in-settling.  I have quite a bit to share with you, as my entire world has done a 180˚ spin, and I finally have the time to sit down and lay it out in what I hope is both an entertaining and concise summary of how I feel living in rural Appalachia, in an actual house, still slightly shell-shocked.

Miles and I went on our Honeymoon at the end of December, which was a grand cruise of the Carribean, during which I never once felt hungry or completely steady.  It was sort of like being drunk for 7 days, in a lot of ways, though my general queasiness meant I didn’t consume nearly as many banana spiced daiquiris as were offered to me.  We took about 700 pictures with the amazing camera my in-laws gave us as a wedding present, but these few should sum up the whole thing for you.

Our Private Cabana

Straight Chillin'

Formal Night (a concept I have yet to come to terms with)

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (there were wild igaunas everywhere!)

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Oh, also, I set my dress on fire our first day at sea.  If that surprises you… have we met?

Yep. That happened.

After the honeymoon came Christmas in Florida, and as some of you know Christmas 2011 was the final day for me to complete my 101 Things in 1001 Days.  I didn’t finish them all.  I got about 75% of them done, and you know what, I’m really happy with that.  I could use changing jobs, and the wedding, and moving as excuses for why I didn’t get them all done, but the real reason is that when I created the list, I was struggling to define what was truly important to me and what kind of person I wanted to become.  Somewhere along the way, accomplishing the tasks, I did just that.  And so I let the list go, for better or worse.  It made me a better person, it gave me plenty of good times, and there are items on it that I still plan to accomplish.  I will finish LOST!  But the 101 Things List has served its purpose, and life moves on.  I hope no one is disappointed; I certainly am not.

After Christmas came getting the keys to our new rental HOUSE and moving our old life into our new one.  After living out of suitcases for over a month, it was nice to be able to nest.  Most of what I consider “home” is embodied in the physical person of Miles, but a small percentage of it still resides in my stuff, and I missed my stuff.  Judge away.  I’ve always been a fan of creature comforts.  Our house is amazing, if a little plain on its own.  I will post some before and after photos in a forthcoming entry.

No sooner had we begun to unpack boxes, than it was time for me to jet off to NYC for the Under the Radar Festival with my friend Kristin.  We saw 7 productions in three days, 6 of which were great, and 1 of which gave me an acute understanding of why people used to throw food at performers.  I also got to hang out with my NYC pals, which doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Lincoln Center with Kristin

Cowgirl with some of my favorite folks











Then I came back to Virginia.

So, if you’re keeping track, this has been my life for the last five months:

September: One week in Virginia, Two weeks in Chicago

October: One week in Austin, Two weeks in Chicago

November: One week in Louisiana, Two weeks in Chicago

December: Two Weeks in Virginia, One week in Carribean, Few days in Florida

January: One week in NYC, Two weeks in Virginia

As of this week, I have been in the same time zone for more than 14 consecutive days, it feels GREAT.  I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling this year, maintaining the career of a working playwright all over the US, and I’m looking forward to it quite a bit.  But I can nest with the best of them, and the last few weeks of hanging pictures on the wall and making slow-cooker suppers has done me a world of good.  I think that Abingdon is going to be a lovely place to come home to.

Which is not to say that it’s perfect.  One ABSOLUTELY MADDENING thing about this area is that everyone assumes you’ve been here your whole life, and gives directions accordingly.  For example, the recycling center lists its address ON ITS OWN WEBSITE as “behind the old animal shelter.”  No street address.  COME ON.  I also had this little exchange when I was trying to find the Water Authority to get our account set up, which can only be done in person.

Me: “Where are you located?”

Lady at the Water Authority: “We’re across from the Mulch Company.”

Me: “Do you have a street address?”

Lady at the Water Authority: “Well, which way are you coming from?”

Thank Baby Jesus for Google Maps.

I miss Chicago a LOT.  I miss the food, I miss my friends, I miss the energy of the city and the fact that I can get anywhere I need to go without a car.  I miss cheap flights and amazing shopping.  But I don’t miss the crowds, never having any money at all, or the sirens.  And you can keep the stupefyingly awful winters.  I don’t miss the 9-5 day job schedule, which was always in direct conflict with Miles’s routine.  Most days in Chicago, I would get up around 6:15, leave at 7:30, and be home around 6.  If it was a lucky day, I’d catch Miles on his way out the door to the theatre.  I’d be asleep by the time he got home.  Sometimes entire weeks would pass without our having a conversation for which both of us were 100% awake, and forget any time together at all if we were BOTH in rehearsal for shows.  We made it work, but it’s far from the ideal schedule for a marriage.

Since coming to Abingdon, we move in synch.  We’re both home in the evenings, and Miles usually stops into the house for lunch because we live about 5 minutes from both his office and the theatre.  We have time to take care of each other.  And I cannot TELL you how much a difference getting up at 8am makes.  I go to be at about midnight every night, and wake up without an alarm, usually at 7:30 or 8.  This makes my days probably about 50% more productive, and my mornings 654% more cheerful.  I’ve developed a routine of doing website design work Monday-Wednesday and writing plays Thursday-Saturday.  I deviate from this quite often, but it’s great to have a schedule to work toward.  I also have OMYG THE BEST HOME OFFICE EVER.  EVER.  Tell me you couldn’t get a butt-ton of work done in this space (which will also be our guest bedroom, as soon as we get a bed for it).

My Home Office of MAGNIFICENCE!

So, yeah.  I have three shows in Chicago this year and two in New York City. NBD.  Traveling will be frequent and on an extremely tight budget.  Furniture may have to wait, and new clothes will be few and far between.  But if I can figure out a way to move forward with my career using all the momentum I gained in Chicago, AND have a life in a small town with my husband while he makes his career dreams a reality, then I will have truly pulled off an awesome feat of life-itude.

It is absolutely worth my best shot.

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  1. What a whirlwind but what an exciting time for you! Good luck with all your shows. 🙂

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