T-10 Days Till Wedding — The Devil is in the Details

Nov 1, 2011 by

This runaway engagement train is about to smack directly into matrimony in a little over a week.  We are cleansing.  We are getting enough sleep.  And we are elbows-deep in minutiae.

These days I am spending what feels like way too much time getting all the tiny moving pieces of this wedding lined up to turn.  I guess that’s all that is left this close to the date, if you’ve done you job right.  While in Louisiana my mom hunts down the perfect disposable (and hopefully recycled) plates and utensils for the outdoor rehearsal dinner, I have spent my days drafting a schedule for next Thursday and Friday, working out everyone’s transportation details so I can track their flights to ensure they get on the shuttle from New Orleans to Jennings, and figuring out which bridesmaid will walk with which groomsmen.  It sounds like that last one would be a pretty quick and easy task, considering I have everyone’s heights on paper, but when you take into account that one of the bridesmaids and one of the groomsmen will not be at rehearsal, that one of the bridesmaids may not make the wedding at all depending on when she gives birth, and that we have one more girl than guy in the wedding party… well, it gets a little tricky.  In one of my drafts I realized that I had Christina and Claudia walking with the same groomsman.  It is only a slightly hilarious mental image to imagine my seven-months- and nine-months-pregnant friends walking on either side of a man they don’t know, probably wearing the same dress.  Needless to say, this pairing did not make the final draft.

There is the troubling little matter of the fact that one bridesmaid, one groomsman, one reader, and our trumpet player cannot make the rehearsal.  So… that’s nerve-wracking, but I’m sure it’ll all come together.  We’ve assigned each of them a “buddy” for the day of the wedding, and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.  This is nobody’s first rodeo, wedding-wise.  Another fun logistic to work out is who will be giving speeches when.  Greg Marcantel, father of the bride, will of course be orating at both the rehearsal dinner at the wedding.  I look forward to this.  He has promised to embarrass me “no more than absolutely necessary.”  Which means that stupid family vacation story I HATE about me standing on the Eiffel Tower and looking around to try to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower will definitely make an appearance.  Everyone have a hearty pre-laugh now.

We’re all watching the weather very closely.  Right now it looks like the temperature will be around 70˚, which is perfect, but rain is predicted for the day of the rehearsal dinner (which, as I mentioned, is outdoors).  Thank goodness dad rented those tents.  We have tried to allow for every possible wrong-going-thing, since the Marcantels are somewhat calamity-prone.  In fact, in a stroke of pure genius, my mother has procured dancefloor ringers for the wedding reception.  That’s right.  Just encase anyone is too shy to Cajun dance, she has hired these kids we saw dancing up a storm at a restaurant once (perfect strangers, mind you) to get the party started and Cajun dance with anyone who’s interested.  Odd?  Yes.  Overkill?  Maybe.  Genius?  Absolutely.

My big tasks left on the docket this week are to sit down with Miles and make playlists for the rehearsal dinner and the reception (to play when the band is on a break), to pick up our wedding bands, and to meet with our photographer about our shot list, which I have drafted.  Tiny tasks include haircuts for both the bride and groom, eyebrow wax for me, finding the perfect nail polish at Ulta (because, really, like I’m going to leave that to the nail salon in Jennings), continuing to drink swamp water twice a day (though it does seem to be cleansing me out), packing to leave on Sunday, and the one I’m most excited about — a one-hour massage this afternoon.  Much needed.  Much appreciated.

Of course there are also moving to-dos to attend to.  We booked our movers for the end of November at a really good rate, so that’s a big weight off my shoulders.  Yesterday we went and each got a new iPhone 4s, and switched over from AT&T to Verizon, because it has the best coverage in the mountains of Virginia.  Somehow we need to rent a storage unit in Abingdon, even though none appear when I hunt for them online.  And Miles has signed his offer letter and all his forms for the Barter Theatre, which he’ll drop in the mail today.  The plan is to leave Chicago on November 29th.  I guess we’re really doing this.

That sounded very melancholy.  I don’t want to end on a down note, so I leave you with photos of my Halloween costume this year.  I went as a Toddler in a Tiara, thus proudly continuing my streak of wearing costumes I think are brilliant that no one else remotely recognizes.  That show is clearly not as popular as I thought.

With an old-timey wrestler, hiding Miles who is not wearing a costume. GRAND SUPREME!

This toddler is having a meltdown.

Worried about outfit of choice. Is she full glitz enough?

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