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May 12, 2011 by

Good afternoon, my doves!

I know it has been a long, barren couple of weeks on this blog, but as I explained with several well-meaning excuses in my last post, the times, they are a-changin’.  Luckily, after the movers do the remainder of the dirty work on Saturday, the majority of this transitional phase will be behind us, and I can finally live in one place.  With an office!  Pictures to come!
Moving into an apartment with the person I am going to marry, making a “nest,” is a new and totally foreign experience.  One I am treating with my usual impatience.  I want everything to be perfect and finished THIS INSTANT, especially since I have done so much purging of my useless junk, but no one handed us a fortune along with the keys, so we’ll have to build this nest one stick at a time.  My BFF Claudia, married for nearly six years now and also an interior designer, tells me that this is part of the fun.

Claudia: “You collect a piece of furniture from one place, then later you get a piece of art somewhere else, and you build up all these memories as you create a collection.”

Me: “So… it’s like… clothes!  For two.”

Or something.
We have bought a new desk:

and bookcase:
CB2, in chartreuse!

Which I LOVE for the office, and I hope to get this rug (also CB2, as you can tell) soon:

But that has been the extent of our furniture-buying.  We’ve done some furniture-shedding, though, seeing as we had two of everything.  We’re keeping my bed, his table, my chairs, his sofa… etc, etc, etc.
I want all the great stuff that we picked out for the registry to magically appear right now, in my apartment, and find a place for itself so I can relax.  But after I found a really great deal on the Le Creuset utensil crock we picked out:
And bought some of the bathroom stuff we chose (which we NEEDED!  what, were we going to not have ANYWHERE to store cotton balls?!) :
Miles has put the kibosh on buying anything else from our registry.  So.  Now we play the waiting game.
BUT WHILST WE WAIT, there is lots of organizing, more purging, and even GARDENING to be done, because when I got home last night, after a really long week, I  found that my darling Miles had assembled everything I need for my own, long-discussed, herb garden: plants, watering can, soil, and a window box.  I was so surprised and delighted that I grinned like a loon for the rest of the night.  Which reminds me, oh me of little patience, that just like the herb garden, and the registry gifts, and especially the groom, the nest accoutrements are worth waiting for.

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