I’ve Got Excuses — You Don’t Wanna Hear ‘Em

May 4, 2011 by

I know, my doves, I know.
I’ve been a terrible friend as of late.
I know that I owe you haikus, and details on my trip home (boiled crawfish!  wedding planning!  eggs!), and you’re dying to know who the winners of the free dinners are.


Miles and I got the keys to our apartment soon after we returned from Louisiana, and living between three homes, as well as being in rehearsal for several shows, has really divided my attention.  But I know what I owe you!  And soon I will be blogging from our brand new home office!  I am as thrilled as you are about that prospect.

In the meantime, please accept as more than compensatory reading fodder:

Bisous, bisous, be with you shortly!

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