In Progress #5 (Again) — Avoid Eating Out for One Week

Mar 14, 2011 by

Okay, peeps.  I have tried and failed at this one before.  Now is the time for the revolution to stick.

So, I attempted this for the first time back in September, and I made it for two weeks.  And then Miles got sick, and I went to his place to take care of him on short notice, and there was nothing there for me to eat, and I ordered noodles, and that was the end of that.  But now!  I have cleverly set up this challenge to coincide with Lent (my favorite part of Catholicism), and with #18 — Do Not Buy Lunch at Work for One Month, an initiative that I think will save me somewhere in the neighborhood of $200.  That’s decor money, people!  For the new apartment!

Now, avoiding eating out for one month is challenging, as I have proven before (by not being able to do it), but in and of itself it’s not very meaningful.  Which is why I am also going to take this opportunity to re-evaluate my relationship with food.  I love food–real, organic, homemade food.  So this month, I’m going to get to know it better in my own kitchen and the greater world.  And I’m going to exploit all the rescources at my disposal in order to do so.  To start, I’ll re-read carefully the books that have most made an impact on my foodlife, and share the most precient parts with all of you, here.  I hope that this more studious and thoughtful approach will make avoiding restaurants feel like a life practice, and not just deprivation.  Plus, new recipies!

The rules I have set for myself are:
— No eating in restaurants until I go home to Louisiana on Good Friday
— No takeout, and no free meals from others in restaurants
— Drinking coffee in coffeeshops and booze in bars is okay, just no eating
— Places that sell prepared meals, like Whole Foods and Godess and Grocer, are fair game as long as the food is not made-to-order for me, and I buy it from the shelf

And that’s that.  Lent will be a lot longer than a week, but I’ve already made it six days, and free will is still on my side.  I was even able to go to brunch on Sunday; I ate beforehand, and at the restaurant I only had coffee and a mimosa.  Piece of cake!  Except, with less cake.

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