T-8 Months till Wedding — The Paper Chase

Mar 12, 2011 by

Really?  Manual labor?
I didn’t sign up for WORK.

So, firstly, this entire wedding enterprise might be compromised by the fact that I cannot CANNOT stop clicking around on Mitoza.

It’s become a serious impediment to my social skills and productivity.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

We’re eight months away from the wedding, and the time has come to actually start DOING things.  Like, actively.  Like, not just making mood boards.  I ordered our Save-the-Dates (see first picture in this post) from MagnetStreet.com.  I can’t recommend the website highly enough–easy as pie to create, very reasonably priced, free envelopes, and quick delivery.  And the finished product is exactly what I expected.  Game on!

The magnets arrived last night, all gorgey and perfect, ALL 300 OF THEM.  They’re not pre-addressed, in case you’re wondering.  That falls to me, and my free plastic tools from the US government.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m starting to get worried about our friends here in Chicago having enough notice to make proper travel arrangements, and I’m anxious to get the Save-the-Dates in the mail to at least those Chicago individuals before too much more time passes.

But there are a few things standing in my way.
And for the first time since we got engaged, I’m feeling anxious and pressed for time.

Ladder of impediments:
–>I can’t address cards till I have all the addresses I need
—-> I can’t get the addresses I need until the list is finalized
——> List can’t be finalized till wedding party is finalized
——–> Wedding party can’t be finalized until Miles has a job that doesn’t cause him to work 100-hour weeks.

Also, since our wedding website is on the magnets, I want to make sure that our registry is totally cleaned up and organized.  Which… it’s not.  Quite yet.

You see my dilemma.  I have 300 blank envelopes and an itchy trigger finger, but the whole enterprise is on hold pending Miles having a second of spare time that he doesn’t spend catching up on sleep.  So… the point is prob’ly moot, in the words of the Prophet Rick Springfield.

But on to happy paper tales!
Miles’s mother has been generous enough to volunteer to create our wedding invitation suite, and since she’s a whiz at graphic design and I had such an incredibly specific design concept (and mood board), they’re coming together in record time, and they’re simply PERFECT.  Pretty and elegant without being foofy or stuffy.  My bff and bridesmaid Claudia is going to draw the intricate map for inclusion, and Ms. Marti will be handling the invite, RSVP card, and thank you note.   Printing all the pieces of the suite on our own will enable us to price shop, and save us A TON of money.  Which I can then spend at Bride Fight.  CIRCLE OF LIFE!

But seriously, if I had bough everything I needed online, the best price I could find was $2400 (not including map printing).  It’s a serious chunk of change to consider, if you know someone who does graphic design and wouldn’t mind helping you out as your wedding present.

I don’t want to give away TOO much of the design, but let me show you the RSVP cards.  Because they’re just too amazing not to share.

Who lucked out in the future mother-in-law department?
Oh yeah, I did.
And I didn’t do so bad in the fiancé department, either.

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