Engagement Photos #2

Feb 19, 2011 by

Miles’s parents are throwing us a very classy engagement party tonight.  In honor of this occasion, I decided to post more engagement photography.

I think the last time someone threw me a party, I was fifteen.
I’m so used to planning and organizing and constructing every detail of every birthday, fundraiser, and dinner party held in my honor that I feel like an absolute queen today, sitting here posting to my blog mere hours before the guests show up.  Ms. Marti has gone all out for the occasion, starting with the darling invitations she mailed out in January, to the meticulous menu planning, and creation of the dessert shooters I am mystifyingly not eating 6 of right now, even though I know where they are.

I am usually getting ready for events up until the moment the first few guests arrive, so knowing that I will have time to get dressed and put on makeup well ahead of go-time is the ultimate luxury.  Also, Miles just brought me a cup of coffee.  I am too lucky.

ALSO, did I mention that we’re at his parents’ home IN FLORIDA?
Where it is 75˚?!
I walked out into the sunshine this morning and exclaimed “Oh!  Why don’t we LIVE here?!” and the neighbors across the street shouted “MOVE HERE!”
Not a bad idea in February, friend.

Now, to the pictures!  (post #1 is here, FYI)
Again, all photo credit goes to the amazing Molly Hayes.
These will be playing in a loop on the gigantic TV tonight at the party, along with all the other flattering pictures Miles’s mom could find of us on Facebook.  Like I said, she thought of everything.

It kind of does look like we just came from City Hall, and we don’t want folks to get the wrong impression…

This is one of my favorites.  And I wonder what I’d just said to elicit those raised eyebrows.

Miles said his favorite part of the session was getting to breathe me in all day.
My favorite part was probably when I became fixated on figure flaws, and Molly said “oh, we can photoshop that.”  I love this woman and her technology.

Outside shots, ahoy!  This is another of my faves.

Welcome to our farm in Nantucket.  So pleased to see you.  No, we are.

I have long suspected this is my best angle.  Miles looks maybe a little duckish.

OH!  Miles’s Aunt Lorraine just knocked on the door to bring me smoked salmon and crackers to snack on!

This is the best party day of my life.

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    These pics are simply beautiful.



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