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Feb 8, 2011 by

Big things are going out this week outside my epic battle to control my own mouth.
For instance, a friend’s movie is about to start making the festival circuit!

Long-time readers of this blog might remember that one of the very first things I checked off my list back in May 2009 was #95–Work On a FilmI spent a day working as a PA with some delightful folks on Stephen Cone’s feature film In Memoriam, and the project is now in its final and complete version (which gives you some idea how long it takes to make a movie).  In Stephen’s own words:

First of all, I’m thrilled to announce that, after two years of shooting, editing, re-thinking and re-editing (read all about it at, IN MEMORIAM is complete and open for business! In the span of last week, the new-and-improved version of the film was accepted into the 33rd Annual BIG MUDDY FILM FESTIVAL in Carbondale, IL and the BUFFALO/NIAGARA FILM FESTIVAL in Western New York. And there are many more screenings in the works, as well as opportunities in the not-too-distant future for you to purchase a DVD. In the meantime, you can catch all of our IN MEMORIAM actors on stages in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, in movies like CONVICTION and AMIGO, and in television shows like THE CHICAGO CODE and RAISING HOPE (IN MEMORIAM actor Lucas Neff is that endearingly quirky show’s male lead).

It’s awesome to see good things happening to good people.  And in these last few months of checking things off, it’s wonderful to have reminders of all the meaningful endeavors I’ve been a part of along the way. 

Congrats, Team ConeArts!

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