We’re Engaged!

Jan 2, 2011 by

On Christmas morning 2010, Miles and I got engaged.
I promise this is not the post in which I transition into a wedding blogger.

I was pretty surprised when I opened my Christmas present from my awesome boyfriend Miles (in my pajamas, in front of my whole family) and it was a one-of-a-kind diamond ring he’d had made six weeks before.  But I didn’t hesitate for a minute in my acceptance of the gift and everything that goes with it.  There is no doubt in my mind that Miles makes me a better person, and marrying him is not only the happiest but the smartest decision that I could make for the rest of my life.  Plus, he’s cute as a damn button.

So, of course being me, I got right to work.
Day One — Get engaged, introduce Miles to entire family as fiancé, tell friends
Day Two — Buy bridal magazines at airport magazine store
Day Three— Field complaints from friends who found out on Facebook
Day Four — Set date, make schedule and to-do list for next 11 months
Day Five — Read consumer advocacy guide about corruption of bridal industry, become enraged and vow not to be a sucker bride
Day Six — Confirm reception site, church, and preferred celebrant
Day Seven — Kiss Miles at midnight on New Years Eve to make sure we seal this thing in

I firmly believe that if I weren’t working around other people’s timetables, I could plan this wedding in a month.  I’ve trained in theatre.  I can produce magic with little to no money and very uncooperative participants.  But because all these details take MONTHS to become available, I will have to wait until 11.11.11 to become Mrs. Miles Polaski.  And I’m totally fine with that, because being engaged is fun.  It’s like planning a big party, and the theme is me and Miles.

Saddle up, kiddos.  We are go for matrimony.

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  1. Things to Do

    Congrats! Best wishes to you both!

  2. Angie Pellegrin

    Congratulations honey!!! I'm getting married 11-12-11! Here's to a fabulous weekend!!! Cheers!

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