Completed #29–Give Away 25 Things

Jun 2, 2009 by

Patti has as one of her tasks “Buy a new piece of clothing every week” because she hates to shop, if you can imagine.
I can’t.

But as it happens, I have on my list “Give Away 25 Things” and far, far, too many clothes, some of which I’ve never worn.

So, ergo, donc, alors, every Thursday I am going to bring Patti one article of gently-loved clothing, and if she likes it and it fits, she will give me a quarter for it.  If she doesn’t like/it doesn’t fit/she already owns it in blue, off it goes to Brown Elephant.

Everyone wins!
Tomorrow, 8 April 09, we begin!

Update: Items Given Away
  1. Pink long-sleeve shirt
  2. White and yellow layered shirt
  3. Pink long-sleeved striped shirt
  4. Pink 3/4-sleeved striped shirt
  5. Pink short skirt
  6. Pink blazer
  7. Beige short-sleeved dress shirt
  8. Burgundy Banana Republic sweater
  9. Grey chevron-patterned scarf
  10. Green short-sleeved shirt
  11. Red 3/4-sleeved shirt  {After this point I took Patti to a clothing swap at Sue’s, which effectively wiped out the rest of this task.  She paid me in coffee.}
  12. Brown corduroy “Paddington Chels” coat
  13. Red and white never-worn bathing suit
  14. Pink shiny scarf
  15. Pink cropped cardigan
  16. White satin tank top
  17. Black satin tank top
  18. Flowered le château dress from Halifax that I loved but was too small (SUE!)
  19. Black and gold Banana Republic dress
  20. Red and brown Nine West shoes I never wore because there were on sale but too small
  21. Green cargo shorts
  22. Pink and white striped capri pants
  23. Acid-washed denim capri pants
  24. Pair of American Eagle jeans that are now too big
  25. Black knee-length coat with checkered lining
So, yeah, most of these things are clothes.  Sure.
But I have also brought to Brown Elephant an old jewelry box, a few books, and various other things that have outlived their usefulness in my possession.  I have a lot of stuff.  I am by no means a portable person.  But I’m trying to simplify in stages, and the overabundance of clothing seemed the logical place to start.
I should add that I only acquired three new articles of clothing for myself at the clothing swap, in contrast to the 164.5 articles I brought.  So.  Progress.  

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