Completed #45 — Have 10 First Kisses (10/10)

May 11, 2009 by

Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory as far as what it entails and, I believe, the reason for pursuing it.
It might get a little iffy in the documentation of its progress, however, so I’ve decided that instead of keeping track of potentially embarrassing/incriminating details such as names and physical descriptions, I’m going to note the time and season and location of the kiss, and what music was playing in the background or in my head at the time.
Perhaps when the list of 10 is completed, I’ll go back through and add initials.

Of course, there won’t be photographic proof of these first kisses.
Those would be either creepy or unflattering.

So, the kiss list:
  1. Early morning, Spring 2009, My Chicago apartment, No One’s Better Sake by Little Joy
  2. Sunrise, Summer 2009, Lawrence Avenue Beach, Masterfade by Andrew Bird
  3. Late Night, Summer 2009, Mary + Tracey’s birthday party, Runaway by Del Shannon
  4. Late Night, Summer 2009, My birthday party, Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan
  5. Afternoon, Summer 2009, Michigan Avenue, Gotta Have You by The Weepies
  6. Early morning, Autumn 2009, West Town, Emerge by Fischerspooner
  7. Late Night, Autumn 2009, Portland Oregon, Dance Anthem of the 80s by Regina Spektor
  8. Evening, Winter 2009, Religion Nightclub, She Wolf by Shakira
  9. Late Night, Summer 2010, JoyMake Soirée, Here Come the Hotstepper by Kamoze Ini
My college professor and friend Leon once told me that there exists somewhere a theory that goes a little something like this:All the matter in the universe used to be compressed into a tiny ball no bigger than your thumbnail. Then the Big Bang happened, and all this matter was released and flung apart into infinite space. So everything in the whole, vast universe is made of the same matter: stars, planets, dust, people.  And when you kiss someone for the first time, the magic that you feel is the elation of atoms that were split apart billions of years ago, finally coming back together again.I haven’t been able to find this particular bit of hypothesizing anywhere else, but I don’t even care if he made it up. It’s an excellent story and a strong avocation for first kisses.


I’m married now, to kiss #9 on the list above.

So I’m going to call my first kiss as a married woman, in Louisiana on the evening on 11/11/11, my tenth first kiss.

Put a pin in this challenge, it’s done.  And I’m ecstatically happy with the way it all turned out.

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